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10 ways to increase the energy efficiency of your home

In recent years electricity consumption has been on the rise, consequently prices rise and this translates into more expensive electricity bills. Here we will tell you what you can do to reduce your electricity consumption.

10 ways to increase the energy efficiency of your home

In many cases, electricity bills that are too high can mean that your home is using more energy than it actually needs. Improving energy efficiency would be the solution. I’ll explain it to you next.

By increasing the energy efficiency of your home, you can significantly reduce your monthly electricity bill. An energy efficient home remodel also reduces the amount of carbon dioxide emissions that are released into the atmosphere. Thanks to this, you will help both the environment and your wallet.

What is energy efficiency?

The energy efficiency is the relationship between the effect obtained from a utility object, device or specific facility under typical conditions of operation or use and the amount of energy that is necessary to achieve this effect. Actions taken to achieve energy efficiency improvements consist of introducing changes or improvements, for example in the building, that reduce operating costs and reduce primary energy consumption.

It all comes down to the fact that increasing a building’s energy efficiency reduces overall energy consumption. Important benefits:

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  • reduction of the electricity bill,
  • reduction of the carbon footprint, which has a beneficial effect on the environment.

Make your home more energy efficient, step by step

To make your home energy efficient, you need to do some upgrades and modernizations. Some of them are relatively easy to do, others are larger investments. However, in the long run, all of them will save you money on your electricity bills. Here are Stilo Energy’s top tips for increasing the energy efficiency of your home.

Conduct an energy audit of the building

The first step in increasing the energy efficiency of your home is to conduct an assessment of your home’s energy consumption. These activities will show which energy efficiency improvements will reduce the building’s energy consumption. The energy audit will also indicate the places where air leaves the house and enters its interior. It also has a great impact on the energy efficiency of the building. During the energy audit a series of tests and inspections are carried out to determine which improvements will be most beneficial for your home.

Replace incandescent bulbs with energy efficient ones

Replacing traditional incandescent bulbs with energy efficient ones is one of the simplest things you can do to increase the energy efficiency of your home. Energy saving light bulbs, or LED bulbs, use 75% less energy than conventional light bulbs. Plus, LED bulbs last 25 times longer. This saves money not only by using less energy, but also by not having to replace bulbs as often.

Install smart temperature control devices (thermostat)

Most of the electricity in a home is used to heat and cool the home. Therefore, it is an area in which significant savings can be made. Smart thermostats will help. Thanks to them, you can program the desired temperature at home and the time of day. Depending on the schedule, the thermostat adjusts the temperature, for example, to be lower when no one is in the house or provides the appropriate temperature when passing through the front door.

Invest in energy-saving devices

Energy-saving household appliances are characterized by a high energy-saving class – A ++ or A +++. You must also take care of its technical condition, maintain it, repair it and clean it. The status of the equipment also affects the amount of the invoices. The refrigerator and freezer should be defrosted regularly because the layer of ice increases energy consumption. The suitable temperature for the refrigerator is 7 ° C and -18 ° C for the freezer.

Insulate your home

The house can lose heat through the roof and walls, as well as through windows and doors. Thermally insulating your home will allow you to reduce heating costs by up to 25%. Much heat can escape through leaky windows and doors.

The most important thing is to check the tightness of the hinges and joints. If they are not airtight, sometimes the fit is sufficient, and sometimes the doors or windows need to be replaced.

Install solar panels on the roof.

One of the most effective ways to increase the energy efficiency of your home is through the use of solar panels. Renewable energy sources, such as solar energy, allow you to reduce electricity bills, become independent from external suppliers, and are also environmentally friendly. Modern solutions and the latest technological advances in the field of photovoltaic energy make it possible to satisfy almost completely the demand for electricity, and the returns from overproduction can be exploited in winter, at night or on cloudy days.

Other ways to increase performance

Another way to increase the energy efficiency of your home are:

  • proper planning of the electrical installation,
  • use natural light as much as possible,
  • using outdoor lighting with a sensor,
  • lower the temperature at home,
  • assembly of mechanical ventilation with recovery.

With proper planning and the use of proven solutions, you can increase the energy efficiency of your home. This will result in a reduction in your electricity bill and make your home environmentally friendly.

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