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Resistance of solar panels to weather conditions

Solar panels are installed outside, it can be on the roof as well as on the ground. Next we will analyze the resistance of solar panels to climatic conditions.

Resistance of solar panels to weather conditions

When installing  solar panels, it  is worth remembering the weather conditions and their direct impact on the surface of the screens. The strength of the panels is constantly tested and their strength is determined by appropriate standards. On its basis, the strength of the module is determined. Certified products guarantee your safety.

Resistance to high and low temperatures

Tests carried out to a certain standard focus on checking the resistance to high and low temperatures and the problem of humidity. The question of the force of the wind and precipitation, even hail, is also put to the test. The calculations take into account the force of the wind greater than 100 km / h and the residual snow cover, sometimes up to one meter.

However, it should be remembered that the substrate on which the panels are installed is a very important element. Therefore, it is worth having a professional company take care of your assumption. This way you avoid unnecessary problems or even dangers. 

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It is also important because of the hailstorms that occur. During the tests, ice balls of various diameters are used, often hitting them at speeds in excess of 50 km / h. If you want to make the right purchase, it is worth knowing that the strength of the materials is described in the product specification.

Certified products

To be sure of the tests carried out, it is advisable to find out if the manufacturer has certificates for the products offered. If you present certificates from independent laboratories that have performed the necessary tests, the offer is worth checking out. Often times, it is also possible that, at the customer’s request, a particular company can independently commission or carry out tests in adverse weather conditions. It is important that the panels are resistant to at least medium-sized hail, a lot of snow and strong winds.

Photovoltaic panels are made of tempered glass, which in itself gives a sense of security. In addition, they are durable and designed for external use, all external factors are also taken into account when creating them. Manufacturers indicate that what can be a threat to the panels is more a storm than a wind or precipitation. 

Why the storm? For simple reasons, it is mainly about the possibility of lightning striking and cells being burned or damaged. However, in this situation a solution was introduced by installing adequate protections in the solar systems. Additionally, lightning protection systems are made for all prudent individuals who value dual surveillance and a feeling of increased security.

Taking into account all the information and tips above, you can easily make a decision about investing in  renewable energy sources  . It is not only cost-effective and safe, but above all environmentally friendly. However, if someone still has a number of doubts, it is enough to talk
to the manufacturer, ask specific questions and the appropriate advice and guidance.

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