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5 tips to choose the best solar panels

How to choose the best solar panels for your home? That depends on your roof situation, your own needs and expectations. How to choose the best solar panels?

5 tips to choose the best solar panels

To choose the best solar panels is to see the reliability of the solar panels, the guarantees that are obtained and that the performance is the highest.

If you are going to compare, you can look at the specifications of the solar panels.
Pay attention to these 5 tips to choose the best solar panels:

  1. solar energy in the area
  2. the efficiency of solar panels
  3. effect outside solar panel
  4. Approvals and guarantee of solar panels
  5. solar panel installation

Tip 1:

Choosing the best solar panels by capacity

A solar panel is designed to be able to generate a certain amount of  

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.Energy. The panel can generate more or less power. The manufacturer indicates the capacity, the generation of the solar panel may be different from the maximum power. You can see it in the specifications. This is usually between + or – 5%. That seems low. When a solar panel of 240 Wp 5% less means that the solar panel provides 228 Wp. And -5% also applies to the kilowatt-hours that are generated.

Always check the guaranteed capacity of a solar panel. And not only because of its expected capacity.
Tip 2:

Better solar performance

A solar cell in a solar panel converts sunlight into electricity. Not all   

the light is converted into electricity. The best of the panels currently reach an efficiency of almost 20%. The return is also called the “efficiency of solar panels”
The higher the return, the more electricity you get from a single solar panel. Therefore fewer solar panels are needed if they are high performance. Important if you have less roof space. The investment will depend on each situation

Tip 3:

The best solar panels outside

The higher the outdoor temperature, a solar panel supplies a  

lower efficiency. The lower the number, the less the loss. Therefore, choose a solar panel with the lowest score possible.

Tip 4:

The best solar panels by labels and warranty

The quality of a solar panel can also be determined on the basis of marks. Such as CE mark, ISO and TUV
look at the guarantee of solar panels. A very long warranty period of 25 years sounds interesting. But then the supplier of solar panels (the guarantor) still has to exist in 25 years. Therefore, it is wise to choose a brand of solar panels from a larger manufacturer with the greatest chances of continuity.

Tip 5:

The best solar panels from the best factory

Not only quality solar panels determine the best performance. Where is the best place for solar panels? This often depends on your roof: roof type, , slope, roof space and overshadowing.

The best solar panels is the sum of:
best solar panels for your home + best roof installation location + = best best solar performance

Compare the best solar panels

Comparing the best solar panels is simple. What are the best solar panels?  About zonnepa...
You can compare, for example, quality, warranty, labels, performance, price/performance, effectiveness and efficiency. So now you know which are the best solar panels for you.

Solar panels compare prices and performance

You can compare solar panel prices on score/performance: the ratio of price to performance of solar panels in generating electricity.

Monocrystalline solar panels are generally more expensive than polycrystalline solar panels. But because they have a higher yield, less m2 is needed. The price/performance score is good.

Are you going to buy solar panels, pay attention not only on the price of solar panels. A complete system includes solar photovoltaic panels, an inverter, and mounting kits. Also consider the cost of installing solar panels.

The best price of solar panels

The price of the best quality solar modules is primarily determined by the type of solar cells. Quality solar panels: note the kwaliteitskeurme ...The solar cells in monocrystalline solar panels consist of a single crystal.

Solar cells polycrystalline solar modules are made up of several thick crystals.

Not all brands have both qualities of the range. Quality where you can compare well to find the best solar panels. The price of monocrystalline solar panel is higher than that of polycrystalline solar panels.

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