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Advantages if you use Biomass and Solar Thermal Energy

Currently on the market there is a wide variety of heating systems, such as with Pellet stoves and DHW (Sanitary Hot Water) where the user can choose the one that best suits their needs.

Advantages if you use Biomass and Solar Thermal Energy

Next we will do a comparison between biomass and solar thermal energy to facilitate the user the most correct decision when installing a renewable energy system.

One of the most important advantages is that they are non-polluting energy. In the case of solar thermal energy, its contamination is null since its source of obtaining it is the sun. The biomass boiler needs vegetable or animal fuels for its combustion, producing low levels of pollution compared to conventional systems.

The installation of both systems is different in each of the cases. In the biomass it takes a storage space for fuel like conventional fossil fuel systems it is usually located in the basement or ground floor, in addition to the space for the boiler.

Energy solar thermal is installed on the roof of the house where the collector is located, forming the primary circuit. The secondary circuit is formed by an accumulator in which the hot water is kept until it is used. For heating, in both cases, they use the same systems (underfloor heating, radiators, etc.), with underfloor heating being the most suitable for both cases.

The source of both systems is also very different. Energy solar thermal It comes solely and exclusively from the sun. In countries like Spain, it is a great advantage since we have this inexhaustible source most of the year, but it also makes vary the level of energy accumulated in the different seasons of the year. The biomass boileron the contrary, are supplied by vegetable or animal fuel being its constant obtaining throughout the year in addition to reusing vegetable and animal waste produced by human beings.

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