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All About Tesla Solar Photovoltaic Roof Tiles

In the field of renewable energy and pioneering sustainable projects, the leading company par excellence is Tesla. Of all his projects, today we come to talk to you about his photovoltaic solar roof tiles.

The photovoltaic solar roof tiles they are a different and discreet way of being able to store clean energy and electrical. At first glance they could pass for being traditional, but they give your higher efficiency home.

All About Tesla Solar Photovoltaic Roof Tiles

The price of tesla photovoltaic solar roof tiles It is much more affordable than one can imagine. Besides, the purchase of solar tiles It can be done in many parts of the world.

The benefits and drawbacks of this solar tile There are several, as will be shown below.


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Tesla Photovoltaic Solar Roof Tiles

The Tesla photovoltaic solar roof tiles are ready to be efficient alternative to the traditional ones and to the solar panels. They absorb solar energy to convert it into electricity that can be stored in photovoltaic batteries.

The main disadvantage of these roof tiles is that it is one efficient technology very new, and may not yet have reached its maximum development.

The main benefit of solar roof tiles is that they fit better into a home than a panelhaving all the houses roofed.

Elon Musk (CEO of Tesla) assured that the goal of this solar roof is to be better than the traditional one, and not only in the aspect of being a renewable energy sourcebut it will provide better insulation, it will be more resistant and at a lower cost.


They ensure that the tesla solar roof tiles they will have a 30-year energy guarantee and that the tile will last forever, or when the useful life of the house ends.

This is due to the materials from which the solar roof tileswhich turn out to be three times more solid than those of a classic tile.

The tile is made with tempered glass, which is like a mobile screen but larger and thicker, which manages to protect the photovoltaic and solar cellswhile allowing light to reach.

The company of Tesla he made his photovoltaic solar roof tiles with the concept of typical housing in the US, where families live in single-family developments.

In countries like Spain, where the typical homes are blocks of flats, these must be adapted Tesla photovoltaic solar roof tiles to multi-family homes, although it remains to be seen.

Types of Tesla Solar Roof Tiles


The types of tesla solar roof tiles there are 4, which, as can be seen, accommodate almost any type of home and home. Those who want to acquire the Tuscan and slate style will have to wait for 2018 in the US, in other countries it will have another date that has not yet been indicated.

Initially Tesla you have not specified that there is a technical difference between these 4 types of solar tilesThey are the same but with a different design.

the 4 types of tesla solar roof tiles they are very discreet, you cannot see their Photovoltaic cells at any angle, they can only be seen from above. This optimal design allows the solar roof looks like a conventional roof.

Price of Tesla Photovoltaic Roof Tiles

The photovoltaic solar roof tiles price is close to $21.85 (about €18.58) per square foot (about 0.092 square meters). But this price tesla photovoltaic roof tiles It is very variable, depending on the country it may rise due to the taxes of that place or other factors.

It is clear that the cost of Tesla photovoltaic solar roof tilesis superior to that of traditional tiles, for example, the asphalt shingles they can cost approximately €39 for a pack of 3 m2, so the difference is remarkable.

However, Testa photovoltaic roof tiles are prepared to be amortized in the long run, since thanks to them it will be possible to save energy at the end of the month.

modern house

However, Elon Musk (CEO of Tesla) assured that the price difference between tesla solar roof tiles and a traditional one was going to be minimal.

This is because not the entire roof area is suitable for capture solar energy, either because it does not capture enough light or it does not have the ideal orientation.

Therefore in the installation of photovoltaic solar roof tilesnot all tesla roof tiles must carry Photovoltaic cellsonly those that are suitable.

For that, Tesla manufactures tiles of the same design without Photovoltaic cells for these unsuitable areas.

For a good long-term investment, it is recommended that at least 40% of the roof contains Tesla photovoltaic solar roof tiles.

How to buy them

The sale of Tesla photovoltaic solar roof tiles They can already be done in the US while in other countries they can be reserved.

Among the countries where you can reserve, so that later you can buy these photovoltaic solar roof tilesis Spain and Latin American countries, although the number is not yet known. photovoltaic solar roof tiles price on these sites.

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