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Are solar panels worth the cost for homes?

Among the recurring expenses that we have at home, water and electricity supplies are unavoidable. There are many of us who during these years have resorted to tricks to reduce consumption by changing the different household appliances and devices for more modern and efficient ones. 

Are solar panels worth the cost for homes?

However, more and more households are choosing to install solar panels at home to take advantage of all that energy.

Photovoltaic installations in private homes have come a long way and you may be thinking of taking the plunge or, at least, getting information in case you decide to power your home with solar energy in the future. Is it really worth it? Does it save so much? Is it feasible? Let’s answer some of those questions.

Photovoltaic installation at home

The first and most common question is usually if we will really amortize the installation of solar panels and in how long. That is, if it is worth making the investment.

In a habitual residence in which the main energy consumption is carried out during the day, the production that we obtain from our photovoltaic installation will be able to take advantage of it and it will be worth it. The amortization time can be from 7 to 10 years, but it will always depend on the type and size of the installation, as well as the production of the panels and, of course, the production that we achieve.

If you are thinking of taking the step, the first thing is to study what space we have for our installation, the connection with the electricity company and verify that we could effectively save the energy that we consume in the key hours of solar production. 

Regarding prices, it is a whole world, since to a large extent it will depend on the size of the installation that we want to carry out. However, today there are photovoltaic kits that start at over €1,000 and are a good starting point with the addition of being easy to install.

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Are solar panels worth the cost for homes?

Installation of solar panels in a home

Beyond the house

We usually think of solar panels in homes, but the truth is that this type of installation can be placed in many more places, such as caravans or campers.

In this way, solar energy could be used anywhere, often avoiding connection to the grid and being completely independent in terms of mobility.

Improving the environment

Beyond the savings on the electricity bill, a very clear benefit of using solar panels is the environmental one. And the best thing is that it is not only a point that is worthwhile for us, but that we contribute to improving the environment for the rest of the world.

With solar panels, we take advantage of everything that renewable energy such as solar energy can provide us, which is unlimited, free and clean. Avoiding and reducing emissions of CO2 and other substances into the atmosphere. 

The sun is a huge source of energy that we could take advantage of much more than we do. Photovoltaic installations are a clean and sustainable way of obtaining energy, consuming free electricity and creating a more sustainable home, while reducing our electricity bill, something that is always appreciated.

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