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What are the best solar panels for your house? That depends on the situation of your roof, but also on your own wishes and expectations. How do you choose the best solar panels?

For the best solar panels, it is about the reliability of the solar panel, the guarantees it obtains and the highest performance. 



If you are going to compare, you can look at the specifications of the solar panels. 
Pay attention to these 5 tips for the best solar panels:

  1. Power of the solar panel
  2. Efficiency of the solar panel
  3. Effect of outside temperature on the solar panel.
  4. Homologations and guarantee of solar panel.
  5. Installation of solar panels.

Tip 1:

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The best solar panels for power


A solar panel is designed to generate a certain capacity. Deviations occur in production. The panel may have more or less power. 

The manufacturer indicates how much the generation capacity of the solar panel can deviate from the maximum capacity. You can see that in the specifications. 

This is usually between + or – 5%. That does not seem like much. With a solar panel of 240 Wp, 5% less means that the solar panel delivers 228 Wp. And that -5% also applies to the number of kilowatts per hour it generates. 

So always look at the guaranteed power of a solar panel. And not only according to the expected capacity. 
Read about the capacity of the solar panel

Tip 2:

The best solar panels for efficiency


A solar cell on a solar panel converts sunlight into electricity. Not all the light: the solar panel with the highest score at this time reaches an efficiency of almost 20%.

 The efficiency is also known as ‘solar panel efficiency’. 

The higher the efficiency, the more electricity you get from a solar panel. As a result, you need less solar panels.

 Important if you have less space on the ceiling. The investment may also be lower. This differs according to the situation. 

Tip 3:

The best solar panels due to the outside temperature.


A higher outdoor temperature means that a solar panel delivers less efficiency. This decrease in efficiency determines the quality of the solar panel. 

The number indicates the amount of% power that decreases at a temperature above 25 ° C. Take panels where this number is less than 0.5% loss per degree Celsius. 

The smaller the number, the lower the power. Therefore, choose a solar panel with the lowest possible score.

Tip 4:

The best solar panels through quality marks and guarantee.


You can also determine the quality of a solar panel based on quality marks. As the CE, ISO and TÜV brand. We have listed the labels for solar panels for you. 
See the quality marks

also the guarantee of the solar panels. A very long warranty period of 25 years sounds interesting. But then the provider of the solar panel (the guarantor) must still be there in 25 years.

That is why it is wise to choose a brand of solar panels that comes from a larger manufacturer with the highest probability of continuity. 
See warranty

Tip 5:

The best solar panels through the best installation.

Not only quality solar panels determine the best performance. What is the best place for solar panels? This often depends on your roof: roof type, roof location, roof tilt, roof space and shadow.

The best solar panels are the sum of: the 
best solar panels for your home + the best place on your roof + the best installation = the best performance of solar panels


The best quality of solar panels.


The quality of the price of the best solar panels is determined mainly by the type of solar cells. 

Solar cells in monocrystalline solar panels consist of a crystal. Solar cells in polycrystalline solar panels consist of several thick crystals. 

Not all brands have both qualities in the range. You can compare in quality to find the best solar panels.

 The price of monocrystalline solar panels is higher than that of polycrystalline solar panels. But because they have a higher return, you have to install less m2. 

In this way you realize a higher performance. This can be important if you have limited space on the roof and still want to generate a lot of electricity. In this way, the best solar panel is different for each one.


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