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Black Solar Tiles and Facades. Advantages

The roof tiles Y black solar facades have become a very interesting option, thanks to their various advantages and the number of brands that sell them. Installing this type of photovoltaic panels in your home can be very useful if you want a greater energy efficiency.

Black Solar Tiles and Facades. Advantages

In addition to produce your own energythey will help you save a lot of spacebeing one of the parts of the cover itself.

Next, we tell you everything you need to know about solar tiles and facades. We will tell you about all its advantages so that you know how this source of renewable energy that you can already find on the market can help you.

What are Black Solar Roof Tiles and Facades?

The solar roof tiles are an option deck that already has integrated solar panels in its structure. Instead of installing solar panels on the roof or roof of a home or building, solar tiles save this step, as these are the photovoltaic panels themselves.

These revolutionary tiles are formed, like a conventional panel, by Photovoltaic cells. When they receive the incidence of sunlight, they produce electrical energy that can be used in isolation or in conjunction with a connection to the network.

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For your facilityeach of the tiles is connected by wiring to the power distributor.

It is recommended to install them in new constructions, since later works will be avoided. As for its cost, it will be amortized in just about 5 years.

Although it is a technology still with a great evolution ahead, currently you can already find models of these small glass modules. For example, you can already find Tesla photovoltaic solar roof tilesprepared to withstand rain and hail.

Solar roofs also include ventilation systems that cool the roof and modules to ensure higher performance at lower cost.


Advantages of Installing Solar Tiles

Install solar panels has a lot of advantages and if we add to this the option of integrating a more aesthetic alternative they are much better still.

That is, without a doubt, its main advantage. The solar roof tiles are a model system efficient renewable energy that will go unnoticed. This means that they do not alter the design of your home, as they are integrated into the roof itself.

The next thing that characterizes this type of panel is that they are very easy to install. They do not require additional work on the roof, since they are installed like conventional tile models. They are perfect, therefore, for energy rehabilitation of buildingseven of historical ones, provided that authorization is available to do so.

Another point in favor is that by covering an entire roof, depending on its size and the area where the house is located, the energy produced can cover all your needs.

This means that you can reach self-consumptionbeing able to be the house isolated and disconnected from the electrical network.

The last advantageous aspect of this type of photovoltaic panel is that, in the event of breakage, they are easy to repair. Thanks to the fact that they work individually, it is only necessary to replace the damaged tile so that the installation continues to function normally.

The fact that the rest of the tiles work properly also helps to continue supporting the house with energy.

Disadvantages of Solar Tiles

Although the advantages make the solar roof tiles a perfect alternative for many homes, they have some drawbacks What should we tell you?

First of all, it is a technology what is found Developing still, so your price can be something high currently.

The last inconvenience that they can present is that its cleaning is more complex than that of traditional solar panels, in addition to its static placement it does not allow them to be oriented to maximize their performance.

Despite this, we are sure that they will become the desired option for many lovers of renewable energy.

The Photovoltaic Future. Solar Facades

According to company data EXASUNthe facades covered with solar panels they could have a performance 65% higher than a flat roof, if facing west.

If the orientation is to souththe effectiveness increases up to 85%, which makes this technology a very convenient option for homes. To his credit, he notes that the facade surface It is greater than that of a roof, so the facades can be used to a greater extent.

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