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Cleaning solar panels makes a difference

Cleaning the solar panels makes a difference, if the solar panels are cleaned periodically, the performance will be optimal for the generation of electricity.

la Cleaning and maintenance of solar panels en un factor determinante en el buen funcionamiento del dispositivo.

Cleaning solar panels makes a difference

Many people wonder if cleaning solar panels is necessary and if this makes any difference to performance or, on the contrary, the difference is so minimal that it is not worth the effort. In this article we want to answer this question and resolve all doubts related to cleaning solar panels. Next, we explain everything you need to know. Continue reading for more information!

Cleaning solar panels: Is it necessary?

Cleaning solar panels makes a difference

The answer is yes . If it is necessary to carry out the cleaning of the solar panels and the difference is more than evident, especially when they are installed in a very windy area, in an industrial area (with several factories in the surroundings) or in a green area . And surely you are wondering why? Easy. Carrying out a proper cleaning of the solar panels  can lead to an increase of 8% in plate performance. Keep in mind that each cell of a solar panel can generate between 10 and 15 volts, approximately, it is for this reason that the simplest plate can generate up to 400W, which translates into an average of 4 kWh per day and 124 kWh per month. If you do not clean the solar panels properly, the productivity of your panels will be limited to about 114 kWh per month, that is, approximately 9.92 kWh per month are lost.

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Likewise, remember that in windy areas it is more common for solar panels to get dirty more often and end up accumulating dust on their surface, creating a film that prevents the photovoltaic cells from working as they should, it is for this reason which the cleaning of photovoltaic solar panels is so necessary. In the case of rural areas or in green environments, it usually happens that the small branches of the trees, as well as the leaves, end up being deposited on the solar panels and that, in the long run, results in a loss of performance —very similar to what what happens with waste from industrial areas—.

How often is it necessary to carry out the cleaning of solar panels?

Carrying out the cleaning of the solar panels must be something periodic, but without exceeding. They should not be cleaned every day or every week, nor every month, since there would also be the risk of damaging or scratching them. The most advisable thing is that a cleaning be carried out  three or four times a year, that is, once every station. Of course, the frequency can increase in the cases mentioned in the previous point, when there is a lot of seeing, when they are in an area with a lot of vegetation —such as photovoltaic solar panels for agricultural exploitation— or when they are installed in an industrial area — either in the same industrial warehouse, or near several factories in which waste is generated in the form of suspended particles—. In any case, the frequency of cleaning can be increased one or two more times a year, not more. 

Cleaning photovoltaic solar panels: Is it very complicated?

Cleaning photovoltaic solar panels: Is it very complicated?

The process of cleaning  solar panels is very simple , much more than you think. One more reason in our favor to do it with the recommended frequency. To clean the photovoltaic solar panels, all you have to do is  equip yourself with soap and water . The detergent used must be mixed with the water, so that it yields more, in addition, it must not use corrosive soaps or detergents, as well as abrasive chemical products. The next thing to do is start rubbing the solar panels. The process is very simple. Follow these steps:

  1. Make the soapy water mixture in a bucket.
  2. Use a sponge or soft bristle brush to scrub.
  3. If there are accumulated traces of dirt, instead of rubbing insistently, pass the brush or sponge several times, but in the same direction.
  4. When you finish cleaning, rinse the solar panels properly with water to prevent soap residue from accumulating.

Ready! With these simple steps your solar panels would be ready. Of course, you should avoid cleaning the solar panels on days when it is very windy. Keep in mind that in these cases the dirt will end up sticking to the photovoltaic cells when they are wet, which is why you will be making an effort in vain. The most advisable thing is that you do it one day first thing in the morning and with a sunny climate, so that it can dry quickly when the orientation of the sun is perpendicular. 

Should I always be the one to clean the photovoltaic solar panels?

No, not always . There are situations in which access to the installation of solar panels can be complicated and even  dangerous . For example, on the gabled roof of a chalet or a family home. In these cases, it is best to have the service of a professional who is in charge of cleaning, as well as the rest of the maintenance work on the solar panels. Keep in mind that experts are used to working at heights and have the necessary equipment, such as harnesses or long-reach cleaning tools, to safely clean solar panels.

Solar panel maintenance technicians  can also help you carry out other tasks , such as checking that the photovoltaic solar system is working properly when generating energy, checking for voltage drops in the different circuits, and even carry out the maintenance of the general distribution panel —as well as the maintenance of the interior installation—. Another of the things that specialized technicians must carry out is the verification of the ground connection. These types of reviews are usually carried out between once a year or every five years, depending on the maintenance in question.  

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