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Differences between Hybrid and Conventional Solar Panels

The solar panels either solar panels are the devices Renewable energy most used in Spain to get clean energy and friendly with environment.

Differences between Hybrid and Conventional Solar Panels

They are a technology that is in constant development, becoming more and more economical and with higher performance.

Despite all the obstacles that the Government of Spain is putting up with the sun taxthe European Comission looks towards a more sustainable future thanks to renewable energies.

The solar panels have been evolving since its inception, causing the appearance of hybrid solar panels and others efficient technologies. We inform you below.


Hybrid Solar Panels, the combination of Photovoltaic and Thermal

The conventional solar panels are those that serve only to capture a single type of renewable energyTherefore there are two types: thermal solar panels (for heating water generally) and photovoltaic solar panels (which generate electricity).

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You can find more details in our article on differences between photovoltaic panels and thermal panels.

As we have already explained, the conventional solar panels they are one of the most used systems to generate renewable energy, however their performance could be improved if the two types of existing systems are combined (photovoltaic and thermal).

This is how they are born hybrid solar panels which are a combination of both systems, creating a panel with more virtues and some limitations.

hybrid panels

Combination of thermal and photovoltaic solar panels

When you combine both systems, you can get electricity and thermal energy in the same panel. This obviously has many advantages such as space optimization.

More details in Hybrid solar panels for DHW and electricity

Hybrid Solar Kit, Wind Generators and Photovoltaic Panels

Is it true that there is a combination of wind generators and photovoltaic solar panels?

Yes, and many people call this system a hybrid solar panelhowever we cannot call it as such, it is rather a kit.

The use of this hybrid system with generators and photovoltaic panels it only occurs in certain places and in certain situations, being a quite scarce but very striking, peculiar combination and with many benefits like any other hybrid renewable energy system.

Wind hybrid solar kit

Combination of photovoltaic solar panels and windmills (Wind energy)

Wind energy obtains electricity through the wind while photovoltaic solar panels obtain it through the luminosity of the sun. By combining both concepts we get two different sources of renewable energy.


Efficient technology, advances in Solar Panels

Is there any other progress on this ground?

Yes, the solar panels They have developed a lot technologically and their growth has responded to the needs of consumers. We inform you of two new advances:

  • Photovoltaic battery. This technology stores the renewable energy that we do not use so that we can use it when it suits us best. For example, if I have photovoltaic panels and I can only use that renewable electricity at night (time of the day when there is no sun and therefore no energy is captured) you can store that renewable energy in batteries and use it at night, no necessarily at the moment where energy is captured. More information in Photovoltaic batteries to end the electricity bill.
  • Solar roof tiles. It fulfills the same function as a conventional solar panel but has a different appearance, one of its main advantages being that it integrates more subtly into the building. More information in Solar tiles, everything you need to know.
  • Transparent solar panels. As in the previous case, solar panels result but with different aesthetics, being able to go unnoticed in the crowd. These transparent solar panels can pass themselves off as windows and more research is currently being done on this type of panel, as they can produce more energy than a traditional panel.
  • hybrid inverters. They allow the panels to be connected both to the electrical network and to batteries. Hybrid inverters allow us to use the electrical grid when we have no energy generated by the panels, and at the same time, they also allow us to store the energy that we get without it being given to the electrical grid.

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