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Does rain affect solar panels?

One of the most common myths when we talk about solar panels is that on rainy days or when there is a forecast of rain, there is a high risk that the panels will not work at full capacity.

Does rain affect solar panels?

In this blog we explain what to do when there are adverse weather conditions and what happens to the panels .

Performance of solar panels on cloudy days

Let’s analyze if the solar panels work on cloudy days.

The first myth that we are going to disprove is that solar panels stop capturing radiation on cloudy days . This statement is wrong since they do continue to produce energy but not at the same level as a sunny day.

So we can say that on cloudy days the performance is lower . Production is reduced but they continue to work. This is how we speak of the term diffuse radiation , that is, when the sun’s rays do not hit the panel directly, they do so through the clouds.

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Do solar panels generate electricity if it rains?

The answer is yes! Thanks to advances in manufacturing technology, panels have the ability to generate electricity even on rainy days . Many people think that these days there may be risks in energy production, but this is not the case.


The rain has a minimal influence on the use of solar panels since they have the ability to continue capturing solar energy even with rain. Therefore, you can continue saving on the electricity bill even if there is a rainy season .


In addition, if you add batteries to your installation, you will have an isolated system that will allow the solar energy captured by the panels to be stored in the batteries so that it can be used later if necessary.

From AutoSolar we can advise you for free if you are thinking of including solar batteries in your installation or if you are thinking of installing solar panels in your home. We will calculate the consumption you have in order to make an adequate dimensioning .

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Can rain or hail damage the panels?

Not really. The manufacture of solar panels is designed so that they can withstand the inclement weather that may occur since the panels are manufactured to be installed outdoors. The materials with which they are made are resistant to withstand rain, hail.

Despite the fact that many people think that hail can pierce the solar panel, it is important to know that solar panels have a great shell that will allow that even if they are outdoors, it does not pose any risk to your investment.

It is important to note that a solar installation is designed to last up to 30 years . It should be said that for these panels to withstand these meteorological adversities, you must make sure that they are of high quality, so when you buy them, you must do so in a suitable and quality company.

What can be the reason that the panels do not capture solar energy?

First of all, it is important to point out that there are some elements that can influence the way in which the panels take advantage of that solar radiation. An example of this could be the shadows of the trees, tall buildings near your house or company.

However, at AutoSolar we carry out a study of the best area to install solar panels and where the performance is the best.

Therefore, the operation of the solar panels decreases very little when it rains, and that is why that amount is not important, much less slows down the production of electricity .


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