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Erus Energy Review: Installation and Services

Erus Energy is offering to install solar panels for homeowners in the south-west of the country. In this review, the team at This Old House Reviews discusses Erus Energy’s installation and purchase plans to help you decide if this solar provider is right for your home.

Erus Energy Review: Installation and Services

Erus Energy offers its customers solar panels built with quality equipment and backed by an extensive warranty. The company offers a range of purchasing options and is committed to helping everyone produce their own clean, renewable energy. Read our review of Erus Energy’s service, installation, and purchasing plans to decide if Erus is the best solar company for you.

If you’re looking for renewable energy solutions, we recommend getting quotes from several local solar energy providers. Use this tool to find out what prices and incentives are available for solar in your area.

Does Erus Energy pay for itself?

Erus Energy offers homeowners the opportunity to produce their own renewable and clean energy from solar power. A structured installation process and four purchase plans make Erus a good choice for homeowners in the Southwest.

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Compare the pros and cons of Erus Energy below.

Erus Energy pros and cons
✔ Offers customers a choice of four purchase plans.
✔ Installs solar systems in a short four-step process.
✔ Allows customers to monitor their system through the Enphase Enlighten app.

✘ Not available nationwide.
Not accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Installation of solar panels Erus Energy

Erus Energy installs solar panels on homes based on a four-step process that takes into account each homeowner’s needs.

Quotes-Erus Energy requires customers to consult with solar consultants to determine whether their home is suitable for solar panel installation. If their home is suitable for solar panel installation, Erus will provide them with a free quote detailing what customers can expect during the installation process.
Design and Installation – Erus technicians and engineers design a solar panel system to meet the specific requirements of the home.

Once the designed system is approved, Erus will proceed with its installation.
Inspection – Erus will coordinate a final inspection of the system with local authorities to ensure that the system complies with regulations.
Connection – To put the system into operation, Erus will help you schedule the grid connection with the local power company.

Installing a solar panel

Erus offers customers the possibility to store the excess energy produced by the system in an Enphase solar cell battery. The battery is installed together with the rest of the photovoltaic system and acts as an additional energy source for the house. In addition, the battery uses the stored energy as a generator in case of a power outage at home.

Warranty options

Erus Energy uses high-quality equipment with an average 25-year manufacturing warranty. The length of the warranty depends on the manufacturer of the photovoltaic system.

Erus Energy procurement plans

Erus offers its customers four different ways to pay for a PV system: purchase, finance, lease or PPA. Below is an overview of each option:

Purchase – Erus offers customers the option to purchase the system on an installment basis, which maximizes savings and avoids monthly solar payments.
Financing – Customers seeking financing apply for a solar panel loan, similar to a car loan, and commit to making monthly payments over a set period of time.
Leasing – this is the most affordable option offered by Erus. Leasing customers pay a fixed monthly fee over a certain period of time and have no upfront payments.
Customers opting for PPAs pay little or no upfront payment and pay monthly for the electricity generated by the PV system.

Erus Energy Customer Service

Erus offers repair and maintenance services to both Erus and non-Erus customers. Here are some of the customized services offered by the company:

  • System monitoring
  • Panel cleaning
  • System inspection
  • Monitoring check
  • Remote troubleshooting
  • Solar panel removal and reinstallation
  • System upgrades

Erus Energy reviews

Erus Energy is not accredited by the BBB, but currently holds an A+ rating.* During our research into the company’s reputation, we read more than 100 reviews to see what the overall positive and negative impressions were from real customers. Some customers complained of bad experiences with local offices that recommended too few panels for installation, while others were delighted with the overall experience.

Here are some examples of such reviews on the BBB website:

“Even after I decided to make the purchase, [the company] kept contacting me to make sure everything went smoothly and met my expectations. Now that the panels are installed, I couldn’t be happier and more grateful for the additional [savings] in my account.” – Cassaundra V.

“Erus Energy and their team kept me informed throughout the entire process! The team was timely and thorough. We installed it in about 2 months and saw the results with our own eyes, our electric bill went down from $360 last year to $21,” Vincent L.

“Our neighbor originally recommended that we install Erus panels. Erus sold us a system that was too small. When I contacted them to tell them that our electric bill was still high, they told me that our system needed to be expanded.” – Christoph

“I had to and still have to learn how the system works. The sales team was really confusing. They promised so much.” – J. M.

Our application

Erus Energy offers customized solar energy installations for customers in Texas, New Mexico and Arizona, backed by excellent customer service. The company has installed more than 15,000 systems and plans to expand its services to California, Florida, Nevada and North and South Carolina to achieve its goal of providing affordable solar energy solutions to people across the country.

If you are considering purchasing a solar PV system from Erus Energy, you can use this tool to compare local solar PV system prices and available incentives in your area.


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