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Full Black solar panels: 5 reasons why you should choose them

If you are interested in installing solar panels in your home, you should know that there are solar panels of various colors , each with its advantages and disadvantages. Next we will talk about black solar panels.

Full Black solar panels: 5 reasons why you should choose them

Monocrystalline Full Black panels combine high efficiency and an effective viewing experience. What else do these photovoltaic panels hide and why are they worth choosing? We verify the greatest advantages of the Full Black panels.

There are few panels on the market that combine functionality and aesthetics. However, we can include Full Black modules, which not only provide a lot of electricity, but also look great on the roof of any house. What else is worth knowing about them?

Full Black Monocrystalline Panels – Brief Description

Full Black panels belong to the group of monocrystalline modules. This means that a cell is made of a single silicon crystal. This is extremely important because it translates into your efficiency. The fewer crystals in a cell, the more electricity it can produce.

Therefore  , monocrystalline panels in terms of efficiency outperform polycrystalline panels  . On the other hand, their production requires much more time, which is reflected in the cost of monocrystalline panels. Therefore, the investment is higher, but it pays off during the use of the photovoltaic installation.

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The second aspect that sets Full Black panels apart is their  appearance  . The dark, almost black surface looks much better than traditional panels, divided by a transparent mesh, stand out against the background of the ceiling. On the other hand, Full Black monocrystalline panels on a dark tile are practically imperceptible.

Why is it worth investing in Full Black monocrystalline panels?

Although at the time of purchase, the decision to invest in Full Black monocrystalline panels implies a slightly higher cost, it is a solution that is more popular in Poland and around the world. These elegant panels also have many more advantages that make the offering attractive to investors.

Higher performance and better efficiency guarantee

As already mentioned, a monocrystalline photovoltaic cell is made of a silicon crystal, thanks to which it is able to generate more electricity in a cell. Studies in the United States have shown the higher efficiency of monocrystalline panels compared to their polycrystalline counterparts. While the former generated a conversion efficiency of more than 19%, the modules composed of several crystals reached the 15% level. Monocrystalline panels also experience less frequent performance drops.

The smallest power drop during use and the longest durability

Monocrystalline Full Black panels are a premium product characterized by exceptional durability and efficiency. They are confirmed by both research and offers from manufacturers. By purchasing these panels, you can count on up to 25 years of PV system performance guarantee, and by deciding to invest with Stilo Energy, you can also choose a special Gold Guarantee, which covers a double payback period. According to estimates, the high efficiency of monocrystalline panels can last up to 35 years. Considering the fact that the investment pays off after 7-8 years, it is an exceptionally long period with free electricity.

Modern and refined production technology

Innovative technical solutions concern not only the production process of monocrystalline panels. The latest models available on the market allow, among other things, cooperation of panels with all types of inverters and controllers. This is extremely important in the context of the possible extension of the photovoltaic installation or replacement of old panels with new ones.

High resistance to climatic anomalies.

Full Black solar panels are not only visually appealing, but also durable. The uniform structure guarantees greater resistance to weather anomalies: wind, rain, hail or snow. Due to the lightweight structure, the modules are not overloaded. Black panels are also more efficient in bad weather. They need less light to generate electricity.

Monocrystalline Full Black panels in the Stilo Energy offer

Due to their high strength, efficiency and durability, Stilo Energy’s offering includes Full Black monocrystalline panels in half-cut cell technology, which guarantee not only effective work, but also a favorable visual layer. Most of Stilo Energy’s photovoltaic installations are designed with monocrystalline modules with a capacity of 385 to 400 Wp. Thanks to them, it is possible to obtain optimal performance in a small area, regardless of the climate and therefore also in low sunlight and low temperatures.

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