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Google calculates the amount of solar energy that your house receives

Sunroof Project (Solar Roof) is the new development that the technological giant Google is carrying out that will allow calculating the amount of sunlight that reaches the roof of a house throughout a whole year.

Google calculates the amount of solar energy that your house receives

To obtain this figure, the aerial images and maps that are in the Google database are taken into account, along with a 3D model of the roof of the house in question, the shadows cast by nearby structures or trees, a historical pattern of the clouds and the temperature of the site, and all the positions of the sun during the course of the year, thus creating a personalized analysis of each case.

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With all this information, “Sunroof Project” You will be able to estimate the size and capacity of the installation that would be necessary to have in the house to generate close to 100% of the electricity consumption with solar energy, based on the size of the roof, the amount of sun that reaches it, and the data of current consumption present in the electricity bill.

The developers of the project clarify that they recommend an installation that covers less than 100% of the electrical energy consumption, since, in most areas, there is little economic benefit to producing more power than can be consumed.

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On the Project Sunroof site, the developers explain that “As the price of installation to generate and store solar energy has become less expensive, more homeowners are turning to it as a possible option to lower their energy bill. We want to make the installation of solar panels easier and more understandable for anyone.”

The project began to be tested last year in the cities of Boston, San Francisco and Fresno. Given the success, it is now available in 42 US states and the service can potentially reach 43 million home roofs. The next step will be to extend the service outside of the United States.

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An online application similar to this one from Google but with the advantage of including wind energy is b planner. This application allows you to size the solar or wind installation necessary in a house, a community or a company and does not require specific technical knowledge to be able to manage it.

Renewable energies continue to be one of Google’s great investments in recent times.

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