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hat maintenance does a solar panel require?

The maintenance of solar panels is a determining factor in their efficiency. Maintenance must be regular and correct to prolong the useful life of the panels .

Solar panels have great resistance and durability , however their production can be reduced if we do not properly maintain them.

hat maintenance does a solar panel require?

The  solar panel has a maximum production that is only reached in ideal conditions, since in reality there are losses caused by many factors such as: poor orientation and inclination, shadows or accumulated dust and dirt, this can be solved by means of periodic supervision and maintenance of the solar panels .

The losses caused by the lack of cleaning of the modules could reach up to 8% in places where a lot of dust is produced, such as an industry or near an area traveled by vehicles. These losses can be reduced by regular good cleaning, keeping losses below 1%.

The panel is made up of silicon cells, which react to the impact of photons by producing electrical energy, so keeping its surface clean is essential for the cells to be able to receive the maximum possible radiation.

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How is maintenance carried out?

To keep the solar panel clean, just use water with a small amount of soap to make it easier to rinse it later. Using detergents or harsh cleaning materials is not recommended as it can permanently damage the panel surface.

The best way to clean the panel is using a soft sponge and a small amount of dishwashing liquid, previously soaking the dirt so that it is easier to remove later. Finally, we rinse the panel abundantly with water without leaving any traces of soap.

As a general rule, it is recommended to carry out this cleaning 3 or 4 times a year , or more frequently if it is an area with a high level of dust and dirt.

Some tips for maintenance

– Do not abuse detergents and make sure that there are no residues as it could damage the surface of our solar panels.

– Solar panels should not be cleaned on windy days as it can carry dust and dirt and the only thing we will achieve is that it adheres to our wet solar panels.

– Pressure washing should not be used as it can damage our solar panels.

– When you clean the solar panels you must be clear that the most important thing is safety since you will be carrying out a task at a certain height and you are working with water in a place where there is electricity, therefore you must use insulating protection.

– In case you have doubts about how to clean the solar panels or if you can cause damage to them, it is best to contact professionals to carry out the task for you, and thus prevent them from losing efficiency or their guarantee.

Now that you know how to maintain solar panels, make sure that all the elements of the installation work correctly to get the most out of it.

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