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How a Photovoltaic Solar Installation Works

Between the Renewable energy and clean existing Photovoltaic Solar Energy It is one of the most used in Europe.

Unlike Spain, where despite being one of the European countries with more solar radiationthere are still numerous legal obstacles to photovoltaic self-consumption.

Greenpeace claims that renewable energies in Spain are so powerful that, with good sustainable actionsin 2050 the country could generate 10 times more energy than it would need.

A photovoltaic solar installation It allows saving on the electricity bill and even if it is self-consumption, it can even be dispensed with.

Of course, you will have to make an initial investment in carry out the photovoltaic installation which can be around between 10,000 and 15,000 euros depending on the needs.

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Operation of a Photovoltaic Solar Installation

The operation of a photovoltaic installation both in buildings and in homes it is the same and it is easy to explain, but first you must know the elements (basic or not) that make up a photovoltaic solar installation.


Source: Greendok

Solar panels photovoltaic It is extremely basic if we want to choose to obtain electrical energy through solar energy.

network inverters. This device is used to pass direct current into alternating voltage. The solar energy It comes in direct current and to use it in certain appliances it is necessary to switch to alternating current.

Solar and photovoltaic batteries. It is a deposit that stores the energy that is obtained from the photovoltaic panels to be used when appropriate.

Well the solar energy is not always available so that the photovoltaic panel can generate power at any time.

Charge regulator. It is a device that is responsible for preserving the photovoltaic batteries keeping the battery from overcharging. If there is no battery in the installation, a regulator is not needed either.

Electrical wiring. All elements are connected with electrical wiring.

How Does a Photovoltaic Installation Work?

1.- The photovoltaic modules convert solar radiation into electric powerthrough the photovoltaic phenomenon.

2.- That energy obtained from the photovoltaic panels it goes to the charge regulator (if it has one) and from there it goes to the batteries (if it has them).

3.- In the event that there is neither a regulator nor batteries, it passes to the inverter where it becomes continuous tension.

4.- From there it goes to box of protections that every home has, to later be used in any electrical element.

5.- In the event that we have solar batteriesthe alternating energy is stored until it is demanded by some user of the house, going to point 3 and 4.

Photovoltaic Installation Connected Or Not To The Electricity Grid

There are two types of facilities:

-The isolated from the electrical networkwhich is used when the electrical network is far from the points of consumption and are especially useful for inaccessible areas of the network.

-The facilities connected to the networkwhere clean energy is generated and connected to the grid.


Price of Photovoltaic Panels,

How much is a Photovoltaic Solar Kit worth?

How much does the installation of solar panels in a house cost?

The price of an installation of solar panels for a home is very varied, it depends a lot on the type of photovoltaic panels chosenon the size of the installation, but above all it depends on the energy self-sufficiency that this photovoltaic panel system must have.

The price of u photovoltaic solar kit It is found from €600 to €800 per square meter. The larger the installation, the more the price per square meter will be reduced.

Therefore it is recommended that the facility it is done with the intention of making it definitive, without thinking about the possibility of extending it in a few years, unless there is an agreement with the contracted company to reduce the price.

However the price of a photovoltaic solar energy installation it can have an average price between €7,000 and €14,000.

How much does a Photovoltaic Solar Panel cost?

Before buying a photovoltaic panel or another, it is convenient to find out about all the aspects to consider about photovoltaic panels before purchasing them.

The average price of photovoltaic panels has been going down in a very few years, now we can find photovoltaic panels for €200 or even less.

The cheapest photovoltaic panels are the thin layer and the most expensive monocrystalline silicon.

Although the price of a photovoltaic panel be the first thing a potential buyer notices.

The truth is that you have to do a preliminary study on the home or house before thinking about acquiring the cheapest module, because it is possible that with an investment of 2 or 3 photovoltaic panels with better performance, more energy is obtained than with 6 or 7 cheaper or cheaper photovoltaic panels.

How many solar panels are needed to power a house?

Calculate photovoltaic panels it is a busy but easy task to explain with videos and an example, as it was done in the article of Calculation of an installation of solar panels in a house.

It is important do not skip this step, because a previous study helps to choose the most suitable option. correct.

The following video shows in a simple and visual way how a photovoltaic energy installation workshow to get a savings on electricity bill and increase the energy efficiency in a home.

If you are thinking of carrying out a photovoltaic installation, Request a Budget without commitment to our specialized professionals.

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