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How do I maximise the efficiency of solar panel?

How do I maximise the efficiency of solar panel? En este articulo analizaremos los factores que influyen en la eficiencia del panel solar.

The performance of photovoltaic systems is a very important aspect that will influence energy production and that refers to the ability of the panel to transform energy from the sun into electrical energy suitable for domestic consumption.

How do I maximise the efficiency of solar panel?

Solar panels do not have the same performance in all cases, as this depends on multiple factors such as materials, orientation or climate . Today we want to explain how to get the most out of your solar panels.

Factors that influence the performance of solar panels

There are multiple factors that will increase or decrease performance and that you must also take into account before installing your solar panels.

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Installation Materials

The materials of the solar panels are decisive, so even if you find cheap plates, be careful! Cheap things can sometimes be very expensive. The performance could suffer a reduction of 20% if we are not using the right elements. The higher the quality of the element that makes up the plate, the greater its energy production.

Choosing the right motherboard or manufacturer is a difficult task. For this reason, at Hogar Solar we want to help you from start to finish by offering you all the facilities. If you are interested in knowing more about components and other relevant aspects, we recommend that you visit our article on cheap solar panels: do not sacrifice quality.

Although solar panels have been created to obtain the maximum possible energy from the sun, this does not mean that very high temperatures are favorable, in fact, they reduce the performance of solar panels. In any case, most manufacturers include the Power Temperature Coefficient in the product data sheet for solar panels. This coefficient refers to the loss of power generated for each degree above the ideal temperature of the solar panels.

We obtain the highest yield not with high temperatures but with the annual amount of sunshine in the area , which is why climates located in the south, with more sunny days, are the most appropriate for photovoltaic installations.

Another misconception that has spread is the adversity of a climate. Solar panels have years of innovation going into their cells, making them able to withstand tough weather conditions. The only meteorological element with which you have to be careful is the wind , since it can cause damage.

Solar irradiation and geographical location

In general, in Spain, the climate is favorable for solar installations. The number of hours of light places us in the first European positions of solar irradiation. This can be direct, coming directly from the sun; diffuse, which comes from the atmosphere and is reflected in the clouds; and, reflected, which comes from the reflection or rebound on the surface.

Orientation and inclination

When thinking about getting the most out of our photovoltaic installation, concepts such as orientation and inclination are decisive . A south orientation is ideal to capture the maximum light. The perpendicular rays that are reflected allow an increase in the productivity and profitability of the plates.

Incline further influences performance. Depending on the geographical area, the panels must be placed in a different graduation. While on the plateau the ideal is 30º, in the north it slopes up to 40º and in the south it is significantly reduced.


We cannot deny that the seasons affect the performance of the plates. In summer, more sunlight is perceived and more energy is generated . But this does not mean that in winter they are not profitable. Solar panels capture energy from light, not heat. During winter, yields drop because the days are shorter and the number of daylight hours is reduced.


Shadows must be avoided as much as possible, since it greatly affects the performance of solar panels, sometimes they can suffer a reduction of up to 30%.

What are the best performing solar panels?

At Hogar Solar we have a clear answer , panels with monocrystalline cells have superior performance to plates made up of polycrystalline cells. So if you are looking for which panels to place in your photovoltaic installation, it will be good for you to read this article on the most efficient panels first.

If you are looking for the highest efficiency in photovoltaic panels, you should take a look at PERC panels . They allude to the acronym Passivated Emitter Rear Cell and, in short, they work by adding a reflective layer to take advantage of a greater proportion of the radiation that arrives through the sun’s rays.

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