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How do solar panels get damaged?

Solar panels can be damaged by poor installation, weather damage, period of use, among others. This article will answer many of your questions about solar panels, their maintenance and their failures.

How do solar panels get damaged?

The most common within solar panel installations or within the faults that solar panels can have is microfractures are simply small cracks that over time become larger and larger until they break the glass.

The factors that may be responsible for these microfractures are factory errors, it can be a bad installation or an extreme weather condition.

How do solar panels get damaged?


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How are solar panels damaged ?

For example, hail can create a micro-fracture in the glass.

Although the solar panel can continue to function even with microfracture, today’s solar panels are highly efficient and highly resistant.

So for a time you should not worry about a fracture or microfracture since the solar panel will continue to work until it reduces its operation and must be replaced by a new one since the repair of a solar panel should not be considered an option is cheaper and Easier to replace rather than repair.

How do solar panels get damaged?

The PID effect

The PID effect, for its acronym in English, is a fluctuation of the solar panel in its load, many of these fluctuations are due to a bad installation and it has contact with the ground, which causes the solar panel to discharge part of the energy of the system and not be as productive as it should be but you must take into account that this failure can be corrected by a technician who checks the system.

 solar panels get damaged


A bad splice or a poorly connected cable or a loose cable.

You should always check the cables in your installation since it can become a factor of failures in the solar panel, a loose cable, a bad connection in the cables or a badly connected cable or system wear, you can always request a technical visit to check the system we tell you that it is very easy today to replace any of the components of the system is very simple for systems.

Internal module damage

Internal damage to solar panels can be caused by faulty production or poor quality component selection. They result in “snail trails”: delamination, discoloration of connectors or solar cells, yellowing of sheets placed on the back, browning of EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) films, staining of photovoltaic cells, inclusions unwanted in photovoltaic laminates, burning of the back and / or front of solar modules, etc.

In most cases, experts remove the glass from the solar panel so they can be repaired or replaced. However, the type and extent of damage is better assessed by solar panel repair companies, who then determine the feasibility of action.

Damage caused by external factors

Storms, hail, snow pressure, lightning, and other related weather conditions can cause significant damage to solar modules. External damage can also occur due to fire, animal bites, broken branches, icy conditions, and excessive heat or cold. The presence of these factors causes glass breakage of the solar panel, cell breakage, scratches on the module frame, micro cracks, etc.

Prolonged and persistent cold weather conditions can warp or freeze solar panel frames, causing breakage. Lightning and power surges result in faulty bypass diodes, burned out junction boxes, etc. In most cases, if the solar photovoltaic cells and panels are exposed to fire, they cannot be salvaged.

way to go

When solar panel repair becomes unavoidable, it’s important to differentiate between tasks that can be done on site and those that need to be done at the repair center. While replacing bypass diodes found in junction boxes, damaged solar plugs and cables, etc. can be carried out at the installation site, major damage requires specialized treatment.

At solar panel repair centers they are experts in repairing and replacing photovoltaic modules. Their engineers perform extensive automated tests, such as power measurement tests, flash tests, and insulation tests after repairs to ensure optimal performance of solar installations. Hiring professional solar energy services and repair companies brings numerous advantages, such as improving production efficiency and lowering the probability of system failure to a great extent.

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