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How do solar panels save energy?

The installation of solar panels is a technology that can be used in homes or businesses, and it also saves up to 90% of the cost of electricity.

The use of renewable sources has been increasing in recent years; due to increased climate change. These sources have become an alternative to replace energies derived from fossil fuels.

For example, solar energy is a viable option; To take advantage of the benefits of this alternative, it is necessary to have solar panels.

Despite its innumerable benefits, the price of installing photovoltaic panels is still one of the main barriers when it comes to planning  energy savings with solar panels  in a house. However, the energy savings are such that it is enough to do a few small numbers to check the profitability of this investment.

How do solar panels save energy?

When we install photovoltaic panels at home, we are opting for self-consumption; that is, the generation of electricity for own consumption.

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Solar panels in recent years have shown improvements in terms of cost and efficiency. Placing them as a strong competition against conventional energy; In addition, it generates savings in energy consumption.

The function of these devices is to take advantage of solar radiation, to convert it into energy. even if surpluses are generated it can be sold.

The executive of the Climate Initiative of Mexico, Carlos Tornel; He stated that the interested party should look for a solar panel distribution company. Who will ask you for data such as energy consumption and the size of the space where the system will be installed. With these data, the company submits an investment proposal.

For the installation of solar panels, it is important to highlight other factors; such as, the spatial location of the house, the roof of the house and the direction in which the sun’s rays hit.

Some advantages

This type of photovoltaic panel installation has many advantages. For example, as soon as the solar panels start to work, electricity consumption is drastically reduced, so the following month we will notice a considerable reduction in the electricity bill.

In addition, and as with almost any technology, every day that passes it is cheaper to install photovoltaic panels in the home. Not to mention that the value of the home is revalued by having a photovoltaic self-consumption installation.

Obviously, being a clean and renewable energy, the benefits are not only economic and individual, but also, by not generating CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, we are contributing to reducing global warming.

Some solar energy experts are even able to make rough estimates. Thus, it is ensured that if we put 6,000 euros in the bank in a 1% deposit, after ten years the economic benefit obtained will have been 600 euros gross. However, if we allocate that same money to a self-consumption installation and every month they generate savings of 25 euros on the electricity bill, after ten years they will have saved about 3,000 euros net. All this without taking into account that the price of the electricity bill tends to rise.

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