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How does photovoltaic solar energy work

Photovoltaic solar energy is becoming the source of all renewable energies, this is due to its infinite and free character that can be used by anyone for their benefit to really know or have you ever wondered how does photovoltaic solar energy work?

To take advantage of the energy coming from the sun and transform it into electricity we need the help of some devices called solar photovoltaic panels, photovoltaic modules ect.

How does photovoltaic solar energy work

Experts say that, at any given moment, the earth receives up to 10,000 times more solar energy than is needed for human consumption. This, in addition to showing the potential of this resource, responds to how much solar energy can be used.

The reason why is, in general, known: to generate electricity or for other uses, such as heating. But, and the how? Sometimes, this is a question that is passed on.

Therefore, we tell you what is the mechanism that makes it possible for the sun that looks end up feeding to laptop or any other device in a home.

Basic aspects of photovoltaic solar energy

Only available when the sun shines (as far as the generation is concerned), photovoltaic solar energy is what captures it from sunlight to convert it into electricity with which to supply the needs of any home or commercial surface.

If all this is possible, it is thanks to what is known as  the photovoltaic effect , which is crucial for the production of electricity from the sun. Several components come into play here.

The first, the particles of which the sunlight is composed (photons) and their impact on the solar panels, with which the electrons are released.

It is just there when more essential components of the photovoltaic plates come into play, specifically the conductors that incorporate that, in most cases, are made of silicon. Integrated generally by a positive and negative, these create an electric field through which electrons circulate once activated, so that the current is produced.

How does photovoltaic solar energy work

Photovoltaic solar panels

Obviously, the panels are essential within this mechanism. The process described above occurs, in particular, in small portions of the panel, which is divided into a multitude of solar cells made of silicon, generally, or other materials that also allow the use of energy, in addition to promoting a reduction in costs .

Thus, the panels on which light are formed by a multitude of small cells that give rise to modules and, these, to a panel itself. Although this is taken for granted, it is worth noting: more panels, more electricity generation.

Now, calculating the number of panels well is one of the keys for any installation since without excess will push up the costs of the same without that need existed. If, on the other hand, it is faulted by default, the energy captured will not be enough to satisfy the needs.


How does photovoltaic solar energy work

Another key step: the conversion of energy.

Although we have already explained how electricity is generated, there is still a very important aspect to be clarified. The one produced by photovoltaic panels, in direct current, will have  to alternate current to feed the different equipment and devices  of the home.

And this, how is it achieved? With an element that, together with the panels, is essential for any installation of solar energy: the inverter. Your role in all this is so important, that there are many who refer to this part of the team as the ‘brain of the system’.

In this way, the investor converts the direct current into alternating current, suitable for use in housing, commerce or wherever a solar kit is installed. This technology will also direct energy to the grid or to storage batteries (important, since sunlight is not available 24 hours a day), among other possible functions.

The sun is the source of energy that shows the most dynamic growth in the whole world. In addition, the trend can not but continue to expand. Therefore, enter this world and understand it as much as possible is and will be crucial for anyone who wants to meet their needs with solar energy and, thus, leave the list of those who continue to pull electricity generated from fossil sources, with the consequent impact on the planet

Watch the video and learn how photovoltaic solar energy works



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