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How many kW are consumed per day?

The   total cost of   the  bill  light is given by a number of concepts that include both fixed costs of managing the counter as the distribution of power and daily consumption. The latter are calculated by   multiplying the k  W of power of a device by the time interval   in which the same device has been used.

The difference between kW and kWh

Before proceeding to explain how it is possible to find out how many kW are consumed per day, it is useful to know the difference between the two conventional units of measurement: kW and kWh.

The kW,   abbreviation used to abbreviate kilowatts  , expresses the power that a device or an electrical system is able to supply. On the other hand, kWh indicates the actual consumption of electricity in a given time interval. The   price of 1 kWh  , corresponding to the consumption of 1000 watts per hour, is set in the market protected by  ARERA   (Regulatory Authority for Energy, Networks and Environment) and in the free market of individual suppliers.

The kW of the electrical system on the bill.

Within the electricity bill there is a cost component, directly dependent on the power used, which indicates the  maximum power that its users will be able to take  from the network.

This item is included in the part of the invoice that refers to “Transportation and meter management costs”, which includes a power fee directly proportional to the  amount of kW in your  electrical systemThe annual energy fee is paid even in the absence of energy consumption and is applied to the bill in monthly installments.

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The power used for a house   can vary from 1.5 kW  , which can be sufficient for example for a study without large appliances,   up to 6 kW   for houses with large surfaces inhabited by large families and with high consumption appliances, such as   bombs. Heat  and large refrigerators.

How much electricity is consumed per day?

The  data on the annual consumption of a typical family  , living in a house with a committed power of 3 kW, speak of 2700 kWh for 365 days. This translates, at the current prices set by ARERA per individual kWh in the protected market, into an expense of approximately 180 euros for the portion of energy consumed only. To find out the total cost of electricity at home, system charges, the cost of transportation and meter handling, and related taxes will be added to this figure.

How is it possible to consume less kW per day?

To save on the cost of the energy bill by committing less kW per day, it is essential to  know the power of your appliances first  . This value is usually reported on the purchase packages and on the corresponding labels and can help you, through a simple calculation, to realize the amount of kWh consumed. In fact, it will be enough to multiply the number of kW (or watts) of power of the appliance by the hours of use of the appliance to know the data:

  • number of kW x number of h = number of kWh

Therefore, the best way to save on kW consumption per day is to choose and buy appliances with the  best possible energy class  . It is also obvious that careful use of the same devices, avoiding waste as much as possible, can lead to real savings on the bill.

It should also be remembered that if you have opted for the hourly rate regime, the use of household appliances at night or on weekends and holidays will mean a  lower financial outlay  thanks to the lower cost of the single kWh in the market.

Finally, on a free tool is always available to compare the different   offers for the supply of electricity   by individual operators.

The appliances that consume the most

Among the household appliances that imply a higher consumption of kW per day, are the electric oven, air conditioners, washing machine and water heater. On the other hand, laptops, televisions and fans have the lowest daily kW consumption.

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