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How many photovoltaic modules do I need in my house?

How many photovoltaic modules do I need in my house? Learn all you need to know to calculate the number of panels correctly.

What power does it need for the installation to really fulfill its functions, i.e. to reduce the bills almost to zero? Such questions are asked quite often, so in the following article we will tell you how to choose the right power and, consequently, the number of photovoltaic panels. Feel free to read the article.

How many photovoltaic modules do I need in my house?

What does it depend on if we install 10 solar modules on one roof and 100 solar modules on another? The answer is simple – from the energy demand of the household, but how do we know what the demand is? Well, this information can be found on the invoice for electricity in the form of ANNUAL consumption.

How many photovoltaic modules do I need in my house?

You can also call your energy distributor to find out what your consumption was in the previous year. It is important to take into account when planning a photovoltaic installation whether your demand will increase next year, e.g. by installing air conditioning. Which of course happens quite often with the current temperatures during the summer.

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Assuming that our demand in the coming years will be at the same level as today, it is not worth installing much more power than we really need. What is the optimal number of solar panels for my needs ?

To show you how to calculate the needed number of PV modules, we will use an example.

Let us assume that our annual consumption is 4,650 kWh

4650 kWh / 1000h = 4.6 kW

Remember that sending the energy distributor to regain its 80%. In practice, this means that we should install panels with a power of 20% more than it results from consumption .

4.65 kW * 1.2 = 5.58 kW

So much of our energy needs are expressed in kWTeraz suppose that the power of single module is 310 kWp .310 kWp / 1000 = 0.31 kWp

Note, however, that the maximum power of the module is determined under test conditions, ie, at an appropriate temperature and sunlight. In fact, such conditions are very rare, which means that the actual power of the module will be lower.

5,58kW / 0.31 kWp = 18 – number of modules needed to meet the energy needs of our household.

However, it is worth consulting with an advisor who will select the optimal number of panels based on the visual inspection of your home, installation options, solar potential and energy consumption.

Make an appointment with a representative of Edison Energia and learn about the benefits of your own photovoltaic installation.

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