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How Shades Affect Solar Panels

When we install solar panels in our house we must be careful with the place where we are going to install the solar panel system, it must be far from any object that can cast a shadow on the modules.

Shading the panels produces a decrease in efficiency, that is, they will produce less electricity. To avoid these problems you can use a shadow optimizer

How Shades Affect Solar Panels

In order for the solar panels to achieve the expected efficiency and to be able to cover the estimated consumption, it is essential to take into account the geographical area where they are going to be installed, as well as the location, orientation and adequate fixing .

Shadows on solar panels will also directly affect the total performance of the photovoltaic installation, amortization will be lengthened and it will not cover the consumption that has been dimensioned.

On many occasions it is considered that the arrangement of solar panels horizontally is casual, but it is not. There is a technical reason for this decision and it is that in the unfortunate case in which there is a partial shade in any of the panels, they will continue to supply photovoltaic energy proportional to the area of ​​the plate that does receive solar radiation.

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One of the essential requirements is that there be no total or partial shadows on the solar panel, as this would reduce photovoltaic production. If the shadow completely covers the panel or it is a partial shadow that covers the lower row covering the connection buses, the panel will not have any production. Here are two examples:

With this, in addition to the proper maintenance that the panels need, it is essential that the location and inclination be ideal depending on the environment, always with the aim of obtaining maximum photovoltaic energy.

At AutoSolar we can advise you and carry out a study to correctly size the installation. We also carry out a preliminary study to determine the most suitable location and inclination. If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us, we will assist you without any commitment.

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