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How solar panels benefit us

Solar panel technology has developed extensively in recent years. Like all technology and has its advantages and disadvantages, in this article we will analyze How solar panels benefit us.

how solar panels benefit us

Next, give us an account of How solar panels benefit us in our daily life.

Solar panels provide many benefits, mainly economic and ecological in nature. The article also discusses the other advantages of photovoltaic panels, thanks to which they are a stable investment.

In short, photovoltaics has the following advantages:

  • inexhaustible source of energy
  • green energy that does not pollute the environment
  • durable panel construction
  • easy maintenance
  • decades generating savings
  • possibility of cooperation with the energy network

How solar panels benefit us: A stable and reliable power source

Yes it is  . While carbon must be mined, transported, and burned, the sun tirelessly provides us with an  enormous amount of energy  ! By some estimates from fossil fuels, we will only last 40 years, and the  Sun is eternal  in our human time perspective.

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Solar panels produce  clean energy  without harmful emissions, unlike gas, oil or coal, which emit high levels of CO2, which in turn contribute to global warming and damage the environment. By installing solar panels, we contribute to improving the condition of our environment and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

The European Union wants  photovoltaic panels  and other renewable sources to generate 20% of its energy by 2020.  This project is called  Europe 2020  . By installing solar panels, you are supporting this worthy cause.

How solar panels benefit us: Durability and easy maintenance

Although the need to keep photovoltaic panels in good condition should be considered a disadvantage, its  maintenance is less demanding than it seems  and, as such, it can also be sided with the advantages.

Panels have practically no moving parts, which are always more susceptible to damage than static parts. This means that, to maintain them, it is not necessary to lubricate anything or replace wearing parts. Solar panels are easy to install and uninstall due to their modular design.

Sometimes it makes sense to sign a maintenance contract with a photovoltaic installer or a specialized cleaning company. In such a contract we can specify the number of maintenance per year. Normally,  cleaning the solar panels  two or three times a year is enough to give them the best performance.

Return on investment and constant profits

Another way in How solar panels benefit us is that the investment return is quite fast 6-7 years.

At a time when interest rates on savings accounts are low and the stock market is a risky investment, solar panels offer us  constant savings  . In Poland, the cost of installing solar panels can be amortized even in 7 years. After this time, you will enjoy free energy and money saved.

Washing the solar panels two or three times a year is sufficient.

Calculations from many different consumer organizations and even the government show that there is virtually no better investment than solar panels. The earnings they generate  exceed the most profitable savings accounts  (up to 3 times).

In addition,  photovoltaic panels increase the value of the property  . When selling a home, you can also take into account the value of the entire PV system. Research has shown that buyers are willing to pay more money for a home with an existing PV panel installation. This is not money down the drain!

Long useful life

Another form of How solar panels benefit us is its long useful life, usually 25 or 30 years, all this time producing electricity for you for free.

Solar panels are durable and can last for decades. As standard, manufacturers offer a 12-year product warranty and a 25-year warranty for specific performances, and when the warranty ends, the solar panels can operate for many years. The durability of photovoltaics is also evidenced by the fact that the oldest solar power plant in the world has been operating for more than  60 years  and is still working properly.

The panels lose some of their effectiveness every year. Thanks to the latest technologies, the loss of panels is currently around 0.4% per year.

However, the theoretical lifespan of solar panels would be useless if the panels weren’t mechanically strong. Fortunately, a hail storm capable of damaging a car shouldn’t destroy good solar panels. Its top layer is covered with tempered glass, which is five times more durable than ordinary glass.

Of course, it also depends on the quality of the purchased solar panels. Some LG solar panels can withstand  winds of up to 345 km / h  (Cyclone Katrina that destroyed New Orleans blew at 270 km / h).

Independence from energy providers

The  energy  photovoltaic means  independence from price increases of energy and electricity  . And yet, in recent years they have grown at an alarming rate! If you have enough solar panels, you always pay the same for electricity, which is nothing (excluding fixed charges). The electricity generated can be used immediately, while the remaining unused energy is returned to the grid, a great advantage. Why?

Energy storage and sale

Generally, we fear that photovoltaics will last as long as the sun shines. Nothing could be more wrong.

Since 2016, we have the option of  storing electricity in the electricity grid  for new installations (the so-called net metering). This phenomenon occurs when we currently produce more energy than we consume. Then its excess goes to the grid, and 80% of this given energy is automatically recovered when photovoltaic panels perform worst: in the afternoons, at night and on short winter days.

When we report a new photovoltaic installation to the local energy distributor, they are obliged to connect it to the electricity grid. For this purpose, ia A bidirectional meter is installed (instead of the usual one), which measures both the amount of energy extracted from the network and that contributed to the network. Based on your instructions, we settle accounts with the electricity supplier every six months.

The following cases are possible during periodic settlements:

  • If we produced less energy than we used, then we had to get the rest from the electrical grid. In such a situation, we have to pay for the additional electricity drawn from the grid.
  • If we use exactly the same energy that we generate (zero balance), then we do not take electricity from the distributor, therefore we only incur grid maintenance costs, not energy.

Net fusion is a great advantage, increasing the  profitability of photovoltaic panels  . It allows us to use the electrical network as a battery. Thanks to this, we can use more of the energy we produce, and if we do not use it, simply return the excess.

How solar panels benefit us: Easy to install

Solar panel installation is relatively quick and easy. A 4 kWp plant, enough to provide an average family of energy, can be installed in 1-2 days. The installation includes the assembly of the mounting system, photovoltaic panels, inverters, wiring and connection to the network. A small number of holes are also drilled in the ceiling during installation.

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