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How to connect solar panels in series or parallel?

Next I will explain how to make the connection between solar panels, there are concepts that you must know before connecting them. Do you want to learn how to connect solar panels in series or in parallel? continue reading,

How to connect solar panels in series or parallel?

As with any electrical installation, there are 3 ways to connect the photovoltaic panels to each other:

  • Serial connection.
  • Parallel connection.
  • Series-Parallel connection.

Although the most used is in series, and by strings, to reach the minimum operating voltages of solar inverters .

Remember that all photovoltaic solar panels have connectors (male and female), type MC4, which facilitate the connection between them.

Let’s see then, the diagrams and how to connect solar panels :

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Serial connection scheme:

As we say, it is the most used, series of 14-16 panels are usually connected in series (it also depends on the voltage of each clear panel) in chains and each chain goes to each of the inputs of the inverter in question.

Serial connection scheme:

In this way, what is achieved is the sum of the unit voltages of each panel at the end of the series. The series current will be marked by the panel with the lowest current.

For example, if we have two 400W solar panels connected with a voltage of 38V each, and 10Amperes, we would have at the output of the series: 2 x 38V = 76 Volts and 10 Amps.

Parallel connection diagram:

With this, what we obtain is an output voltage that will be the one that marks the minimum voltage of the connected panels, and the output current is the sum of each of them.

Parallel connection diagram:

For example, if we have 2 400W solar panels connected in parallel with a voltage of 38V each, and 10Amperes, we would have at the output: 2 x 10A = 20 Amps and 38 Volts.

Serial-parallel connection scheme:

It is a mixture of the two previous connection types.

Serial-parallel connection scheme:

This in reference to the connection of the panels to each other, but it is also important to ground the photovoltaic installation as a complement to this article.

Now you have an idea of ​​the types of serial and parallel connections that are usually available and decide which is the most suitable for your installation.

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