First of all – a power connection to the building in which the photovoltaic

A continuación, el proveedor de energía sustituirá el contador por uno bidireccional, es decir, que medirá tanto la energía extraída de la red como la energía entregada a la red. No obstante, si la potencia conectada es inferior a la potencia de la instalación, tendremos que solicitar un aumento de la potencia conectada de nuestro edificio. 

La mayoría de las veces podemos hacerlo en línea. También es posible acudir al punto de atención al cliente de nuestro proveedor de electricidad y cumplimentar el formulario correspondiente. is installed is necessary . If the power of our installation is not greater than the connection capacity – it is enough to report the possession of such an installation. Then the energy supplier will replace the meter with a bidirectional one, i.e. one that will measure both the energy taken from the grid and the energy given to the grid. However, if the connected power is lower than the power of the installation, we will have to apply for an increase in the connected power of our building. Most often we can do it online. It is also possible to go to the customer service point of our electricity supplier and fill out the appropriate form.

How to report an installed photovoltaic installation?

First of all – fill in the application form for connection to the power grid of a photovoltaic micro-installation. We should attach to the form:

  • installation diagram of the facility, which will show the way of connecting the solar installation
  • technical specification or data sheets (we will receive them from the seller)

Then we are waiting for the documentation to be verified by the electricity supplier. In response, we will receive information about the date of connecting the photovoltaic installation to the power grid.

Third, the energy supplier should issue a certificate of the possibility to provide a distribution service and specify the technical parameters of the supply. It should also connect the micro-installations within a specified period. When we have this document, we will be able to sign a comprehensive contract including our solar installation.

To properly connect the photovoltaic installation to the grid, we must not forget about the above tips. If necessary, we can obtain information from the electricity supplier, who will certainly provide the necessary forms, indicate the procedures and explain how to complete all formalities.