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How to install solar panels on the roof?

Yes, we see the possible exceptions and solutions to install solar panels on the roof of the house or apartment building.

How to install solar panels on the roof?

For many of you, your home is the biggest investment of your life, and knowing how to install a solar panel on your roof  adds value to your investment. Two other factors of great importance that can inspire you to want to install solar panels on the roof are:

  • – Bonuses or possibility of access to net metering.
  • – Large long-term savings on energy bills with self-production of electricity.
  • – Exploitation of an otherwise unused surface: the roof!

Can I install solar panels on the roof even though I live in the city center?

To see if you can install solar panels on your roof you should know about local regulations. Regardless of the city where you live, there are some defined areas of high landscape value, where the local government (intendency) have special ordinances regarding photovoltaic panels . If you live in a historic area and want to install solar panels on your roof, you will need to meet certain conditions (perhaps using the integrated PV system) and apply for the PV Clearance Landscape.

Today, denying the installation of a photovoltaic roof is no longer as simple as in other times: government technicians must justify, in technical terms, the causes of the denial and it is not always easy. Also, who is determined to install panels on the roof can make use of the so-called integrated photovoltaic. They are photovoltaic or solar tiles that have solar cells in their structure and housing construction, so they will not affect the landscape.

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What are the necessary preliminary actions before installing the panels on the ceiling?

If the roof is leaking, preliminary maintenance may be required, but if the roof is in good condition, it will not be necessary. The photovoltaic panels are very light and even if installed on the tiles they will not damage the roof, or rather: the tiles remain under the panels and are less exposed to wear. even older houses, if not in good repair, can accommodate a  photovoltaic roof .

Can I install solar panels on Spanish roof tiles?

If your roof is covered with Spanish tiles, the installation procedure will be longer and therefore more expensive. In truth, many installers are not equipped to do so trained to install solar panels on Spanish roof tiles; in this context assumed the installation of a solar roof made of the same tiles covered by a thin photosensitive film.

I don’t have an east facing roof, can I install solar panels?

An east-facing roof will certainly perform better, in any case, even solar panels installed with different exposure can give big savings on bills. At the time considered the actual performance of the purchased solar cells and their sensitivity to sunlight. Calculating the performance of photovoltaic panels is an important preliminary step.


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