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How to take care of the photovoltaic installation?

El mantenimiento correcto de una planta fotovoltaica es esencial para el correcto funcionamiento y maximo rendimiento.

How to take care of the photovoltaic installation?

The photovoltaic installation is said to be completely maintenance free. This is partly true, but to enjoy its effectiveness for many years (even 30-40 years), it must be checked and… cleaned regularly! Every device that is used regularly needs proper care. How to take care of the photovoltaic installation so as not to damage it?

The correct installation of photovoltaic panels is essential
The best decision when installing photovoltaic panels is to choose components of the highest quality, but also to correctly assemble the entire structure. The use of these two factors will definitely affect the long and smooth operation.

How often should maintenance be carried out on the installation?
Preferably once a year! Although it is advisable to consult the maintenance frequency of the individual components that make up the photovoltaic installation in the manufacturer’s general conditions of use. And it is worth treating it as an obligation. The correct functioning of photovoltaic panels is influenced by their regular maintenance, which is very often a condition of the guarantee. Cleaning the panels ensures trouble-free operation and the full range of their capabilities to generate solar energy and convert it into electricity. The inspection typically takes about 30 minutes, including electrical, thermal, and grounding measurements. The status of the panels themselves is also checked. It is worth checking if there are any visible scratches, cracks or other damage caused, for example,

What is the most common contamination of photovoltaic panels?

The most common stains on roof solar panels include leaves, bird droppings, and dust. They mainly appear around the chimney and the antenna. While leaves aren’t much of a threat, bird droppings are. The acid reaction they contain can destroy not only the car’s paint, but also make it difficult to insolate the photovoltaic panels. Such problems can occur especially among lower quality panels, so it’s worth keeping that in mind before you buy. Bird remains should be removed as soon as possible.

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Clean the panels yourself or not?

The most used answer “it depends” also applies to this situation. Many people believe that washing solar panels is an additional cost that will extend the payback period of your solar PV investment. And at this point, it is worth mentioning the proper angle for mounting the panels, which will not only facilitate better sunlight, but also allow self-cleaning to a great extent. And this is most often caused by rain or snow.

According to research carried out at the Technical University of Bern, the clean surface of the panels improves their efficiency by up to 14%! This is a scientific confirmation of the thesis that it is worth washing the panels.

It is recommended to hire a professional cleaning company to clean the photovoltaic panels, but if access to them is easy and above all safe, you can do it yourself using mild cleaners and a soft sponge, preferably nylon. However, remember to rinse well.

What is worth remembering when cleaning the panels?

Do not clean the panels in the sun, as this could damage them.
Do not use detergents or abrasive cleaning products.
Do not clean hot panels.
In winter, you can sweep away a thick layer of snow with a soft brush.
Pressure washers should not be used.

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