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Hybrid Solar Panels for DHW and Electricity

There are different types of solaHybrid Solar Panels for DHW and Electricity r panels, among which are the photovoltaic solar panel and the thermal one. The photovoltaic solar panel generates electricity and thermal solar panel it produces heat (heating, sanitary water…), but can you imagine panels that combine both systems in one? Well, they already exist and their name is that of hybrid solar panels.

Hybrid Solar Panels for DHW and Electricity

The hybrid solar panels It helps us get electricity, heating and hot water in a single system, and this will not only help us save money and space, but by combining both products, the performance and useful life of the panel is improved.

In this article we inform you of how the hybrid solar panelsall its benefits, what price they have and where they can currently be purchased.

SYSTOVI R-VOLT hybrid solar panel. Image: archiexpo

Operation of Hybrid Solar Panels

The hybrid solar panel It is composed of Photovoltaic cells, heat absorber and a junction box for wiring. Like all panels, this system has a fluid inlet and outlet (from the heat absorber), where the Photovoltaic cells They are absorbed and pass through the entire panel until they end up in a junction box for electrical wiring.

SYSTOVI R-VOLT hybrid solar panel. Image: archiexpo

The hybrid panels (unlike the thermal plates either photovoltaic) can capture both energies since they are prepared to take advantage of the entire spectrum of existing light, from infrared light to ultraviolet light. This is important to be so because the photovoltaic panel better captures ultraviolet energy while the thermal panel better captures infrared light to generate energy.

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Among all the differences that exist between the photovoltaic panel and the thermal panel, the main one is that the photovoltaic obtains energy to generate electricity, while the thermal generates heat. The hybrid panels They take advantage of the fact that sunlight produces heat to segregate both energies (thermal and solar).

The conventional photovoltaic panels couldn’t get any more performance than they had because their system overheats too much, but now the hybrid panels They take advantage of all that heat to produce thermal energy, making it a more efficient system with a longer useful life.

If you want more information see the difference between Solar Panels for DHW and Photovoltaic.

Advantages of Hybrid Solar Panels

The hybrid solar panelslike all the renewable energy systemsare ecological, sustainable and sympathizers with environment. But not only that, this technology has more benefits than we can imagine at first:

  • further increase the potential photovoltaic compared to traditional plates (15% approx.)
  • Cheaper since its acquisition is lower than both systems (thermal and photovoltaic).
  • Due to its higher yield and being cheaper, it has a shorter payback time.
  • Reduces the space needed to install energy efficient systems (50% approx.).
  • They have a longer shelf life. This is due to the use of heat to obtain thermal energy.
Insulated installation in a single-family home with the addition of hybrid ecomesh panels. Image: ecomesh

Price and Sale of Hybrid Solar Panels

Not long ago they became available in Spain hybrid solar panels. There are some well-known manufacturers of these systems such as Ecomesh, Hybrid, Kaneka and Systovi.

An solar kit complete it can cost you approximately €3,369, as is the case of the Hybrid kit that has a 160 liter panel and 230 w/h of electricity and that includes everything except the supports.

Image: to promote the Hybrid kit

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