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Importance of solar energy|

In recent times , Clean Energies have been given greater importance  , being these obtained through the use of  Renewable Resources , generally from  nature , to be able to transform them into  Electric Energy  that can be used at home or in any installation of the  Electricity Network  of a particular building, institution or environment.

Importance of solar energy|

This is opposed to the use of Thermoelectric Power Plants, which usually generate the  Electricity  that we use on a daily basis, obtained by burning  Fossil Fuels  , which release a large amount of  Thermal Energy  and by activating different turbines, Electric Energy is produced,   which is subsequently transmitted to the  Electricity Grid , emitting  a variable amount of  Pollutant Gases through  chimneys or vents .

One of the sources of  Renewable Energy  is precisely  Solar Energy , also called  Photovoltaic Solar Energy , because the  technology  necessary to be used is the installation of  Photovoltaic Solar Panels , sheets of varying thickness that are responsible for capturing  Radiation Solar Light  and transform it into a usable resource.

Importance of solar energy|


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Another variation offered by this technology is  Solar Thermal Energy , which instead of capturing  Solar Lighting , is responsible for collecting the  Thermal Energy  that this natural source provides us, being one of the most used to be able to  Heat Water , Used for its easy installation both in homes and in  Sports Institutions .

In order to use this  Energy Source it  is therefore necessary to have a space to install the  Solar Panels , being generally used the  Roofs or Terraces , also benefiting a better use of the space, although there is also the location of the so-called  Solar Parks , which They consist of large-scale installations and are used to provide  Electric Power  to a large number of homes as well as to supply entire cities.

Electronics devices

We are used to using all kinds of  Electronic Devices  in our daily life, from when we arrive home when we  turn on the light , to the moments when we use  Portable Devices  that have an autonomy given by a  Battery , with a limited time in the that we can use it until we can  recharge the batteries  and continue with their use, being necessary for modern life and to even interact with other people.

In our home, it is also a basic and necessary service to connect to the  Electric Network , this being the application of different technologies so that our home can have an endowment of  Electric Power  and the consequent  Safety Measures   that must be applied to avoid accidents related to its use or misuse.

The  Electric Power , defined from the viewpoint  Physical , is the manifestation of a  Flush  which is generated by a difference of  electric potential  between two specified points, one of the phenomena of the  Magnetism , allowing its use using a support it is precisely an  Electrical Conductor  (be it a network of  Electrical Cables , as well as the  Electrical Circuits  of an electronic device)

As with any  Energy Source , it can be used to be transformed into other energies, having the best known example of its transformation into  Light or Illumination , as well as its use in machinery to use  Mechanical Energy  in a specific activity, or even use devices of heating that carry  electricity  becoming Thermal Energy.

In recent times, importance has also been given to obtaining  Electric Energy  through the so-called  Clean Energies , being the transformation of  Wind Energy  (through the mobilization of  Wind Turbines  by the wind) or  Solar Energy  (using  Photovoltaic Panels  that capture light solar) in those usable in the home, avoiding the emission of  Pollutant Gases  by the  Power Plants  that work based on the burning of  Fossil Fuels .


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