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kOTA Energy Group reviews

kota Energy Group reviews

In this article we will review the company kota Energy Group, everything you should know about this company. The Kota Energy Group is the solar industry’s next big thing. Because our solar isn’t what everyone is used to hearing about, we get a lot of “yeses.” Our leadership team and business practices at Kota make a difference for our customers!

kota Energy Group reviews

From the first day of installation, our customers begin saving money on their energy bills! Please get in touch with me at any moment so that we may begin working on your quote and web presentation and begin saving you and your family money right away.

Some facts about Kota Energy Group

Concerning Us

Solar energy solutions from KOTA Energy Group are ones that actually make sense. KOTA gives channel owners and sales representatives the ability to participate in an aggregated base line that offers greater profits, the capacity to grow and scale, a system built with a solid platform driven by procedures that encourage and promote a higher volume of sales, and perhaps most importantly, the sustainability with installation owners that are focused on long-term success. Finally, a business that recognizes what it takes to be a successful representative and successful business! We encourage entrepreneurs. We honor El

Company sizeFrom 51 to 200 employees
Seethousand Oaks, California
TypePrivately funded

Reasons why she should collaborate with us

Convert yourself – We help people become better members of the community.

  • We provide our children, our community, and our planet with the opportunity to create a better future.
  • We give back to clubs, sports teams, and our community by encouraging the use of solar energy.
  • Every vendor at the market has met our essential selection criteria and has been given the go-ahead to participate.

For this reason, we have designated the first level in our rating system as the foundation for all of our installers.

What customers say

Wonderful customer service! Happy solar customer with KOTA!
Wonderful customer service! Happy solar customer with KOTA!

I was a little curious about solar energy, but I believed it to be too expensive. However, when our friendly KOTA representative Jake Rodgers stopped by our door and mentioned that there had been a

Great experience

We had a wonderful experience buying solar energy from Kota, my wife and I. It’s fun working with Ray. He was knowledgeable, receptive, and easy to talk to. Never felt like we were being pressured into doing something we didn’t need to. I’m confident that Ray helped us choose a suitable system that was the right size given our energy usage. The installation went smoothly, and I felt confident that the team knew what they were doing. In place of contractors, Kota employees completed the installation, which I believe is difficult to find in the solar industry today. The entire process was extremely simple and easy. Kota started our system much more quickly.

alex_gille on Jul 17, 2022
Kristian True + KOTA = The Best

Good news for my azotea, and thanks to Kristian True and KOTA in general! I came here to see whether it could help me save money and energy. We greatly valued your friendly and professional demeanor. It offered support information about solar energy. I did a lot of research into the advantages of solar energy, so it pleased me to find a presentation that was precise and well-suited to my needs. He took as much time as he needed to fully comprehend the products he had to offer and to explain the installation process to me. The main aspects of Kristian’s care and amity that made it easier for me to refer to my family and neighbors were those. I was aware that solar products were of the highest caliber and that the



  • 5205 Encinas Avenue Ste D
    Carlsbad, CA 92008
    United States

other locations

  • 12129 Butterfly St
    Westminster, CO 80234