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Looking for the best solar panels ?

Solar panels have many advantages. Considering the investment they require, you want good value for money. In this article you will discover which are the best solar panels for your home situation. 

Looking for the best solar panels ?


best solar panels for roofMono- or poly-crystalline?

Monocrystalline solar panels perform well in situations with a lot of direct sunlight. Polycrystalline panels are usually blue in color and perform best in diffuse light. Since in our region both diffuse light and direct sunlight prevents the differences between the two types of panels from being minimal. If you have a small roof, monocrystalline solar panels are best for you because the efficiency of this type of panel is slightly higher than a polycrystalline panel. Mono panels are slightly more expensive than polyethylene panels. The price difference is on average 10%.


hybrid solar panels

Are you looking for the best solar panels for your home and planning to start hot water production as well? Next, a hybrid solar panel system may be of interest to you. A hybrid solar panel can be seen as a collector and a solar panel together. These types of panels are especially interesting when there is not enough space on the ceiling for two separate systems. The performance of hybrid panels is quite high and electricity and hot water can be produced. However, a hybrid, the cost is quite high, but then you have only one system which is aesthetically also an advantage because the view of the panel on the roof is uniform.

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Try the best solar panels

There are several test bodies that are involved in solar panel testing. A well-known research institute, the German TUV, but also the Journal PV (photovoltaic) magazine regularly publishes inspection reports. The Aachen-based Photon test institute is highly regarded in Germany. You can read the reports of the watchdogs once, but most are still very difficult to interpret the results of these investigations correctly. It’s best to rely on the manufacturer’s credentials or search consumer forums for brands popular with solar panel owners. Some brands that did well in 2015: Conergy, Boviet, Solar Frontier, NSP and Benq.

The best solar panels are also the most expensive?

It is difficult to give an unequivocal answer here because the price of solar panels depends on various factors. Solar panels made in Germany are generally the most expensive, but usually of very good quality. But that’s not to say that cheaper panels from Asia wouldn’t be good. As long as you choose a premium brand that has been around for some time you have basically little to fear.

Notice such manufacturers cannot afford to offer substandard products because they have a reputation to uphold. A notification will generally be more expensive but you have a guarantee on the panels and with the purchase then you can at least assume that the manufacturer will not be bankrupt in a year and that spare parts are sufficiently available. On the other hand, it would be advisable to make different comparisons so that you get a good understanding of the brands and prices.

The efficiency of a solar panel

The efficiency of solar panels is generally 15 to 22%. By this it is meant that the solar panel 15-22% of the sunlight that hits the panel is capable of converting it into electrical energy. The performance is dependent on the type of solar cells that have been applied (poly crystal or single crystal) and the temperature of the solar panel. The higher the panel temperature, the lower the efficiency. Solar cells operate most efficiently at a temperature of 25 degrees Celsius. For this reason, it is important that the panels cool down. This occurs naturally from wind blowing through and under the panels. Hybrid solar panels perform optimally freely because the liquid in the collector provides effective cooling for the panels.

Difference in performance

The difference in performance can sometimes be up to 12%. Choosing the best solar panels , for example panels with the best performance, can thus be created economically advantageous as long as the purchase cost of the system as a whole is not proportionally high.

Not all solar panels do what they promise

It can be a long search to select the best solar modules from the wide range of brands. Inevitably you will most have to rely on the manufacturer’s specifications and therefore you can expect that the specifications will also be consistent with practice.

Research shows that some of the solar panels do indeed have less power (peak watts) than is described in the specifications. Fortunately, this is not too much for solar panels and it must first meet certain quality standards, but a label is issued is something to be aware of, especially when you see offers with low and unrealistic prices. The best thing when choosing a panel is to choose a well-known brand and manufacturer, since you will be sure that the solar panels do what they promise.

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