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Maintenance of solar panels

The placing of photovoltaic solar panels It is a trend and more and more individuals and companies are opting for this alternative. However, the cleaning Y maintenance of solar panels It is an aspect that should not be neglected, since it influences the performance and efficiency of these installations.

Maintenance of solar panels

The location of these panels in the open allows them to be exposed to dust and dirt from the environment. For this reason, if you have thought about the self-consumption as an option, you should not overlook this issue and it is convenient to inform yourself about the maintenance they require.

The importance of cleaning photovoltaic solar panels

If we want one solar photovoltaic installation have a longer life, the best we can do is a good cleaning to prevent deterioration. For this reason, a Preventive Maintenance Y corrective is essential to achieve it.

The glass surface of these solar panels accumulates dirt due to inclement weather, therefore, a thorough cleaning must be carried out several times a year to guarantee its proper functioning. In those places where there are more chances of snowfall and rain, these preventive measures should be extreme.

Therefore, the accumulation of suspended dust results in the efficiency of the panel being greatly reduced. In addition, this reduces the production of electricity. In some cases, so-called hot spots could occur that affect the useful life of the installation.

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There are certain people who decide to clean the premises by themselves. However, on other occasions it is necessary to have a specialized company if the installation is difficult to access or dangerous. Professionals specialized in cleaning solar panels will know how to carry out this work effectively and using the right material.

This type of service is usually included in the rental of solar panels. While if the client chooses to buy them, he himself must take care of their cleaning or maintenance. In this case, he will have to choose whether to do this task, or hire a specialized company to avoid endangering his physical integrity.

Maintenance of photovoltaic solar panels step by step

There are many types of photovoltaic solar panels, but its cleaning is the same in all cases. For this reason, we are going to explain how to carry out maintenance effectively step by step. Really, it is not an issue that should be taken lightly, since this investment involves a significant outlay of money. Solar panel maintenance is extremely important.

Materials to be used

The cleaning photovoltaic panels It does not require a lot of material to be able to carry it out. A bucket of warm water, a neutral soap or liquid detergent, a cloth or polyester brush with thick bristles and some rags to dry would suffice.

In those places that are difficult to access, a pole can be used to hold the brush at one of its ends. Also, avoid the use of abrasive products that can scratch the surface or damage it.

How cleaning is done

Once we know what utensils we are going to need, we simply have to follow this process for an effective result:

  • First of all, you have to wet panels to soak up the dirt and remove it is much simpler. This action can be done manually or under pressure.
  • Next, you have to moisten the cloth or brush with warm water.
  • Afterwards, you have to clean the surface in a zig zag shape to correctly collect the accumulated dirt.
  • Finally I know clean the rag and the same operation is repeated.

This cleaning must be done carefully and avoid using utensils that can damage the surface. It should be noted that there specialized technical brushes for solar panels to remove the deepest dirt in the photovoltaic cells.

Review and replacement of defective elements in a photovoltaic installation

The self-consumption installation it can present defective elements, therefore it is necessary to take advantage of the maintenance tasks to carry out a revision. There will be a visual check of the panels to see if they present cracks or breaks in the surface. Likewise, it is necessary to check that there is no oxidation or that the connections are correctly fastened.

You also have to check the photovoltaic structure and check if the screws are tight and the anchors are firm. Any possible detachment due to strong winds must be avoided, which is why this step is so important.

Finally, it should be noted that the investors They play a fundamental role and are one of the most delicate and important components in the panels. So it will be necessary to check that there is no humidity and that the ambient temperature is between 0 ° and 40°C.

Normally, these modules have a guarantee of 5 to 25 years. Although, its useful life is usually around 30 years. In many cases, the insurance will bear the costs of changing the defective item. This should not be delayed over time, because the performance will be much lower and it harms us in terms of energy and economic savings.

To all this it should be added that it is necessary to carry out a General Review of all of the general electrical panel each five years. This is the best way to check the protection devices and avoid possible short circuits. Likewise, the intensity of the cables must be verified. Within this time frame, it is also necessary to check the insulation of the indoor wiring.

Ultimately, the lack of cleanliness in this type of installation it can cause an energy loss of up to 80%. This percentage may vary depending on the location and geographical conditions of the place. However, if correct solar panel maintenance tasks are carried out, we will prevent this from happening.

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