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Off-grid photovoltaic installation

In this article we will talk about photovoltaic installations, you should know if your idea is to carry out an installation of this type.

Off-grid photovoltaic installation: what is worth knowing about it?

Photovoltaic installations are becoming more and more popular, especially in private homes that want to be partially or totally independent from the energy provider. The panels used in the system in cooperation with the inverter allow the generation of electricity necessary to power electrical devices in the building. You can know two types of facilities:

  • The Red
  • Off the grid.

The basic principle of its operation is the same. Series-connected silicon cell photovoltaic panels obtain electricity from the sun’s rays. The DC current produced in this way is transferred to the inverter, where it is converted to AC. This is what is most often used in electrical devices. The exploitation of solar rays, however, is associated with an overproduction of electricity, which it must correctly. There are two possible solutions that show the difference between a  network  ON and a  network OFF  .


Electricity storage

Off-grid photovoltaic systems are not connected to the external electrical grid,  which means that excess energy not consumed must be stored in battery packs. They assume the functions of an electricity receiver in addition to its relay. Batteries work cyclically, that is, they are first fully charged and then emptied (discharged) of the stored electricity, leaving it only a small percentage.

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The whole process takes place thanks to a series of chemical changes that take place in the battery. Once the DC current produced is transferred to the tank, the chemicals absorb the electricity and transform it into chemical energy. When current is drawn from the battery, it acquires its original state, which is then received by the inverter.

The  installation outside the network  pro-consumer uses the following batteries:

  • AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat): characterized by higher potency, but therefore shorter life,
  • gel – allow a cyclical operation with complete discharge of the tank, without shortening the time of its total use,
  • classical (acidic) – the most economical type of battery for which you need to purchase additional accessories. Classic batteries with shielding plate must be used in photovoltaic installations.

Who is it beneficial for?

The most common photovoltaic installations of the OFF grid type   are found in summer houses and on yachts. This does not mean that they cannot be used in private homes. However, before opting for this system, it is advisable to check the electricity demand and choose a battery with a sufficiently large capacity, with an additional reserve.

This solution is more expensive than in the case of network installations (additional cost of batteries). The lack of connection to the external electricity grid means that the energy balance in the form of discounts cannot be used. Unused energy is stored in batteries  , which generally have a useful life of less than eight years. An important advantage of OFF-grid systems is the lack of power cut in case of failure by the supplier, which occurs in ON-grid photovoltaic installations.




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