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Off-grid Solar Panels [Independent from the grid]

Do you not only want to generate part of your energy yourself, but really want to be completely independent? Then an off-grid solar panel system can be a good idea.

How do you handle this? And what are the pros and cons? You can read that below.

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What is an off-grid solar panel system?

With solar panels you are less dependent on your energy supplier, but certainly not completely independent. At times when your panels do not provide electricity, you simply use the energy network.

Do you really want to be completely independent? Then you can opt for an off-grid solar panel system . Your home is completely cut off from the energy network . You are completely self-sufficient in your energy.

What happens if your solar panel set does not supply power?

We often use electricity at times when the panels do not supply energy. To solve this, use a home battery. This is where the energy of the panels is stored.

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So you can just turn on the light and use devices in the evening.

Other means of going off-grid

In addition to solar panels, use can also be made of wind turbine energy or a generator on petrol or diesel. However, solar panels are the most popular option.

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What are the advantages of off-grid solar panels?

Now you may be asking yourself, why would anyone want this?

The main reasons why people choose off-grid living are:

  • Independence and freedom.
  • Extra security in the event of disasters, because you are not dependent on energy companies and networks.
  • You can live wherever you want, even in places where there is no mains connection.


Phasing out of netting scheme

The phasing out of the netting scheme from 2025 also makes an off-grid system attractive.

Now that this scheme is being phased out, it is less interesting to return power to your energy company. The compensation you receive for this will be lower than the amount you pay for energy yourself.


  • In the afternoon , your panels supply more power than you use yourself.
  • You deliver back to the network and receive a compensation of 80% of the price you pay yourself.
  • In the evening you need a lot of power , while your panels are not yielding anything at the moment. You then pay the full 100% for the electricity you purchase.

You are therefore cheaper if you can use your own electricity completely.

What are the disadvantages of an off-grid system?

An off-grid system may sound perfect, but it also has drawbacks.

  • You are independent of energy companies, but completely dependent on your own system. If this doesn’t work, you’ll be without power.
  • You save a lot on your fixed costs, but you have to make a significant investment first.
  • It can be difficult in the Netherlands to really only use your own electricity all year round, for example for your electric heating .

What inverter do I need for an off-grid system?

For an off-grid set you need a different inverter . An off-grid inverter has additional tasks.

The inverter:

  • Converts the power from the panels into power that you can use immediately (just like a standard inverter does).
  • Converts the current for storage in the home battery.
  • Arranges that electricity is first used directly from the solar panels if possible.
  • If necessary, supplement the required power with power from the home battery.

Do you need a home battery with an off-grid solar panel system?

To go off-grid you need a home battery / off-grid battery to store your power. Such a battery costs on average between €5,000 and €10,000, depending on the type and capacity you choose.

Enough electricity all year round?

Whether you really do not need an energy supplier all year round with a home battery depends on several factors:

  • The size of your solar panel installation and the yields;
  • The weather conditions;
  • The capacity of your battery;
  • Your power consumption.

Is an off-grid solar panel system possible in the Netherlands?

You cannot just assume that you can go off-grid with a solar panel system with a home battery. In the Netherlands there is a good chance that you will still need the energy network in the winter months.

In winter, solar panels yield less, while this is precisely the period when we need a lot of energy. We are then more at home, need more lighting and have to heat our home.

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Do you want to go off-grid in the Netherlands? Then with a small household you already need about 40 panels and a battery with a large capacity. This is not an attractive option for most households.

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Off-grid, self-sufficient or energy neutral

Off-grid, energy neutral and self-sufficient are terms that are often used interchangeably. That’s not quite right.

  • Off-grid means that you disconnect your home or garden house from the energy network and therefore provide your own power.
  • Energy-neutral living means that you generate as much electricity annually as you use yourself. You are simply connected to the net.
  • With self-sufficient living you are completely independent of gas, electricity and water. You provide yourself with what you need.

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