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Organic Solar Panels: What They Are, Advantages and Prices

The solar panels photovoltaic what do we know have their cells made of silicon or gallium arsenidealthough there are now many new options such as organic solar panels.

Organic Solar Panels: What They Are, Advantages and Prices

With these cells are with which convert solar radiation into electrical energy very efficiently.

In spite of the great efficiency and effectiveness displayed by these panels, present certain drawbacksas can be your weight and his rigiditywhat does not allow its adaptability to certain surfaces.

Furthermore, due to the materials with which they are made photovoltaic panelshis environmental impact can be negative. This is because when it comes to recycling It is necessary to search for alternative options, such as organic solar panels, which we will talk about in detail below.

What Are Organic Solar Panels

The path to a more sustainable world goes hand in hand with the creation of new solar panels. The goal is to get much more efficient modelsless polluting and easily recyclable once their useful life is over.

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The bifacial solar panel waves spherical solar panels They were already a revolution in advances in the solar energy sector.But there is still a long way to go, and an example of this progress is license plateit’s solars state-of-the-art photovoltaics such as organic panels.

This type of panels are characterized by being composed of carbon cellsas a semiconductor material, and plasticwhat significantly reduces your manufacturing costs compared to traditional silicon panels.

In addition to the materials, the main difference between an organic photovoltaic solar panel (OPV) and one made with silicon is that the first they are composed of materials that can be dissolved in ink and that are printed on thin plastics.

How an Organic Photovoltaic Solar Panel Works

Like silicon solar panels, the solar cells of the organic panels generate electricity from the photovoltaic effect, transforming sunlight into electricity in three simple steps:

  • light is absorbedfreeing the electrons from the semiconductor material.
  • electronsonce released, create an electrical current.
  • That current is captured and transferred to the wiringby which electricity is distributed in the home or building.

This video talks more about organic solar panelsso we recommend viewing it.

Types of Organic Solar Cells

At the moment, There are three types of organic solar panels according to their cellswhich can be:

  • organic polymers. This type It is the most used in the manufacture of this type of panels.since it allows a greater speed in its production and a reduction of its costs.

Advantages of Organic Solar Panels

Thanks to the materials with which the cells of these panels are made, they have several advantages:

  • They are quite sturdywhich facilitates its maintenance.
  • Are ecologicalsince the material of these plates solar allows a increased biodegradation than in the case of silicon panels.
  • Easy to transport and installdue to its lightness.
  • They are very sensitive to diffuse and indirect lightso you can make a Greater use of daylight hours per year.
  • Can be installed on transparent supportsso they can be integrated into windows or the roof of solar cars.
  • They are cheaper than conventional silicon panels. Both in its final cost and in the manufacturing process and can even be manufactured by 3D printing.
  • Being magnetic elements, the electric current they generate can be modified by external magnetic fields.

The Horizon of Organic Panels

yesThere are many advantages that make these panels an option to take into account in the present and future in the use of solar energy.

As for your future, We give you some clues of the advances that you want to carry out with this type of solar panels.

  • It is expected that small organic panels can be commercialized for use with portable devices such as calculators or cell phones. It is believed that they will be used to wear on clothes, so that while walking down the street, they generate energy to charge the battery of mobile phones.
  • Although for now they do not exceed the efficiency of silicon panelswhose efficiency is up to 25%, organic panels are increasing their benefits. Currently they can reach an efficiency greater than 17%, with the forecast that they can exceed that of conventional panels.
  • It is estimated that they will have a useful life of about 20 years. or higher, so its cost will be amortized considerably if you take into account that its price will be lower than that of other types of panels.

Price of Organic Solar Panels

Currently organic solar panels are not for salealthough when this happens they will have a very competitive pricesince even the price of silicon photovoltaic solar panels is becoming more affordable every day.

As you see, There are many options with which to get a solar panel for self-consumption. If you want to know budgets or installation companies for solar panels, we advise you to visit our business guide specialized and ask for budget to find what best suits your needs.

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