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Photovoltaic Batteries to End the Electricity Bill

Electrical independence is close thanks to thes photovoltaic batteries that complement the well-known solar panels.

We will soon be able to forget about the electricity bill. Since thanks to this system we can store the excess energy that we do not use and be able to use it when we believe it is more appropriate. Whether at night or on a cloudy day.

Photovoltaic Batteries to End the Electricity Bill

All information is in relation to the Renewable energy.

In this article we explain what exactly these batteries are, when your investment is amortized, if they are legal in Spain and two examples of photovoltaic batteries.


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What are Photovoltaic Batteries?

The photovoltaic batteries they are containers where the energy that we get through the energy systems that we use can be stored.

Another function they have is to give a current intensity between 6 to 8 times higher than the normal current, causing the electrical wiring to not overheat as much and have a longer useful life.

The operation of the photovoltaic batteries It’s simple, it stores all the renewable energy that we get through the photovoltaic panels to be able to use it when it suits us best, regardless of whether the day is cloudy or it is night.

The energy that can be stored photovoltaic battery It depends on the download speed that this system has, the higher it is, the more energy we can accumulate to use it at another time.

The B’sphotovoltaic atheries As it allows us to use renewable energy at any time of the day, it is not surprising that the electricity bill can be eliminated thanks to them.

A large number of photovoltaic panels and good photovoltaic batteries can make us sustainable and independent from electricity companies.

In what systems are photovoltaic batteries used?

The photovoltaic batteries are compatible with photovoltaic solar panels or solar roof tiles, They take advantage of the daylight hours to be able to save all the energy that we have not used, to later use it at night or on days when there is not much sun.

This means that a good quality photovoltaic battery and a number of photovoltaic systems would allow us not to depend on the public network for electricity and to be totally independent.

I mean, thanks to photovoltaic batteries we could consider the option of energy self-consumption without problems.

Here is a testimony from a person who decided to use a photovoltaic battery:

When is the Initial Investment Amortized?

The return on investment depends on many factors, the better the climate in the environment, the more we will take advantage of this energy system (in Spain the weather is very good) and the higher the quality and number of batteries and panels purchased, the higher the initial investment. of the work, although in the long run good results are achieved.

In general, we could say that the return on investment can be observed between approximately 6 and 10 years.

How much can we get to save on our bill?

The photovoltaic batteries they are reaching such a technological level that they allow us to be self-sufficient in energy and to be totally sustainable in terms of electricity needs. We can forget about the electricity bill completely.

What Happens If We Store More Energy Than We Use? Can we take advantage of it?

There are countries where you can pour excess energy into the electricity grid and receive money for it, but this is not the case in Spain. So a good option to take advantage of that energy is to store it in electric water heaters to use it for other needs such as domestic hot water.

Is there an Example of a Photovoltaic Battery?

There are many, but the best known so far is Tesla’s Powerwall. It has not yet gone on sale, but it is proposed that its release be in this year 2017.

Tesla explains that with Powerwall it will achieve 100% electrical autonomy, and that unlike other systems on the market that can already provide electrical independence, it will be safer, more compact and cheaper.

In Spain, the arrival of this technology is more difficult due to market regulation and the costs received by renewable energies. Here we leave you a video where the Powerwall battery is explained and what happens in Spain:

Is it legal to use these batteries in Spain?

Royal Decree 900/2015 allows the use of photovoltaic batteriess, however your application is initially assumed to incur an additional charge if you are connected to the power grid.

There have been many obstacles throughout this time where the government has not made the evolution of the self-consumption. If you are interested in what is happening in Spain with renewable energy, you can read this article from 11 political parties and 26 organizations against the sun tax .

And in Spain is there a photovoltaic battery?

We can take as an example the Valencian company Solar Rocket. It has a system called Ra.Store, a battery that allows energy to be accumulated so that electronic equipment functions (capacity between 4.8 to 19.2 kWh). Its price is between €7,300 and €14,000.


To finish, we leave this video from Almacen Solar where it explains in a very simple and quick way how to calculate the energy that we will get depending on the battery and the photovoltaic system that we have:

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