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Photovoltaic Energy: Advantages and Disadvantages

Sustainability is an objective pursued by Public Administrations, even at a European level, but we individuals can also do our bit. Hence, the number of PROJECTS TO INSTALL SOLAR PANELS for self-consumption has increased in recent years. For those who are still thinking about whether or not solar energy is for them, in this article we are going to talk about photovoltaic energy: advantages and disadvantages .

Reasons that make photovoltaic energy viable

It has a lower cost

We already know that the electricity bill has only gone up lately. This has sparked a remarkable interest in solar energy. It is true that its installation has a cost, but it helps to substantially reduce the amount of the energy bill, so the investment made can be amortized in a few years and then you will enjoy totally free and clean energy .

It is possible to find subsidies and tax credits

When CALCULATING THE PRICE OF A PHOTOVOLTAIC INSTALLATION, it must be taken into account that some Administrations offer subsidies that reduce the cost of installing solar panels in an interesting way.

These grants are not available everywhere , and even those regions that subsidize license plates do not always have such grants in place. For this reason, before tackling this project, it is advisable to find out whether or not there is aid that could benefit the interested party.

Many municipalities offer discounts on taxes, they can reach discounts of 50% for 5 years.

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Reduce the CO2 footprint

The CO2 footprint or environmental footprint is the set of greenhouse gases produced by a company or a home. In the case of private homes, the CO2 footprint is high due to the high consumption of gas and electricity .

If you choose to install solar panels, the dependence on electrical energy is much lower. It is a cleaner energy, which means that the house with solar panels is a less polluting house. Solar energy is a renewable energy that does not emit greenhouse gases .


Maintenance is simple and cheap

Photovoltaic panels may seem complex, but the truth is that they are elements whose maintenance is really simple. In most cases, it is enough to clean the surface to ensure good absorption of solar energy and check that the electrical connections and wiring are in perfect condition .

The manufacture of the plates is sustainable

Not only the energy obtained with this system is renewable and sustainable, but also the manufacture of the plates. Photovoltaic panels are made from silicon , which is the second most abundant material on our planet after oxygen. This means that it is easy and cheap to obtain, thereby reducing pollution and making plate prices affordable.

Installation price has been reduced

Each home has its own energy needs, a flat in which a single person lives is not the same as a single-family home in which five people live together. Therefore, the price of the installation will be different in each case.

We have already seen before that thanks to what is saved on the electricity bill, what is invested in photovoltaic energy is soon amortized. But we must also bear in mind that in the last decade the price of installations has dropped significantly , so now it is much more affordable and there are more people who can consider switching to totally clean energy.

Excess energy can be compensated

With the approval of the new ROYAL DECREE , the excess electrical energy generated by the installation during the hours of maximum production will be compensated in your electricity bill against the energy you consume during the hours when the installation does not work. Obtaining an equivalent discount on your electricity bill, which makes the installation even more profitable.


Disadvantages of photovoltaic energy

Our goal is to review photovoltaic energy: advantages and disadvantages, so we are also going to list some of the main drawbacks that those who are thinking of installing solar energy in their home may encounter.

It is a variable energy

Solar energy is inexhaustible, but it is also variable. The panel will receive more or less energy depending on the orientation of the house and the weather . If the day is cloudy, energy production drops significantly, and may coincide with days when there is more energy demand in houses.

Space is a limitation

If there is a reason why this type of energy is not in the majority, it is because it is limited by space. The panels have dimensions that mean that they can only be installed on roofs and terraces with certain measurements .

Not all solar energy is used

It is a field in which a lot of research is being done and improvements are being made, but today the performance of solar panels is around 20% . In other words, of all the solar energy they receive, they can only convert a quarter of it into useful energy.

It is not possible to disconnect from the electrical network

Perhaps by installing state-of-the-art panels in a house with a good orientation and that receives a large number of hours of light each day, it would be possible to supply solar energy that could cover all the needs of that home with the installation of batteries to accumulate excess electricity. production.

Today, a house cannot work only with solar energy, no matter how good its installation is. This implies that it must remain connected to the electrical network yes or yes to have energy at times when the panels do not receive solar radiation.

So, although with the plates the electricity bill is significantly reduced, the truth is that you have to continue paying the fixed costs of access to the electricity network, tolls and taxes . Although with the installation of battery storage systems, these fixed costs can also be reduced.

yours is the decision

After this exhaustive analysis of photovoltaic energy: advantages and disadvantages, we have been able to verify that this type of energy has its good things and its bad things. You have to assess both the positive and the negative before making a decision. But in general we can say that installing photovoltaic panels has more positive than negative aspects.

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