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Photovoltaic energy on the ground or on the roof? Advantages and disadvantages of the location of photovoltaic cells.

More and more Poles decide to install a photovoltaic system. Their number grows systematically from year to year and it is not surprising. After all, it is a completely ecological solution, but also beneficial for our wallets. Usually, before installing such a system at home, we ask ourselves a whole series of questions in the field of technical and structural details. There is also a very important issue between them. Where to install photovoltaic panels? On the ceiling or on the floor? What should be considered and what are the advantages of both?

Photovoltaic installation, that is …

Photovoltaic is the short name for a  renewable energy source based on the use of the potential of our closest star. The sun does not emit electricity as such, but it is very generous in giving our planet a powerful light. With today’s technology, we can convert this light into electricity. The photovoltaic installation consists of cells that capture sunlight and an inverter attached to them, which converts their energy into electricity. The same thing that flows in our plugs. Photovoltaics connected to a home installation provide us with electricity, in the long run, completely free. In addition, it is worth mentioning the ecological dimension of this solution. Thanks to the photovoltaic installation, we reduce carbon dioxide emissions. We do not use a traditional coal power plant.

Where to install photovoltaic panels?

When the idea of ​​using photovoltaic panels inside our home appears to us as a concrete solution, and little by little the implementation of the plan begins to be implemented, one of the basic questions is usually related to the location of this system. We wonder if it would be better to place them on the roof or on the plot next to the house. For floor mounting, special frames are used to allow the ideal angle of inclination and to optimize the installation location in relation to sunlight. 

It is impossible to place the cells directly on the ground. There is also another solution, which is used in situations where, for example, the roof is too shaded and there is no space on the plot. The panels are mounted at an appropriate angle on the wall of the building. However, this solution is quite rare. Most of the time, the system is mounted on the roof mentioned above or on a plot of land. Read more about installation of photovoltaic panels  . Sometimes, however, the final decision is quite difficult. What factors should we consider?

  • insolation of the area

It is good to choose an option that is simply optimal not only for PV, but also for us. A very small plot in the center of which we will place the system centrally is not a good connection. So maybe the roof? Both solutions have advantages and disadvantages, of course. However, in general, the most important thing is the compromise between our comfort and sun exposure.

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  • ground shading

Taking into account the above, we will not place the panels under the trees, so adequate exposure to the sun and the lack of shade must be taken into account at all times. If the plot is sunny and there are branches hanging over the building, the roof installation is not reasonable. If there are trees everywhere, but not right next to the house, the answer is obvious.

  • esthetic

Almost no one takes this aspect into account, but it is also important whether the panels visually disturb us or not. Some customers are proud of a modern solution and want it to be seen from a distance. Others prefer more discreet solutions.

  • type of roof and its slope

Not all ceilings can be equipped with panels. And the question is not whether the roof is sloped or not. After all, a completely flat frame can be used with a frame similar to a ground one. Above all, the world side is important. It makes no sense to mount the system from the north.

  • cleaning convenience

The only downside to ceiling installation is that it is more difficult to access. Panels placed directly on the ground are easy to inspect and maintain. On the other hand, the rains help us during most of the year. Read more about  how to clean solar panels  .

Solar panels on the roof – advantages

If we have a sloping roof properly arranged in relation to the sun or for some reason we decide to install it on a flat roof, the advantages of such a solution will certainly include:

  • Installation performance  : If everything is configured correctly, system performance will be remarkable.
  • Without strong interference with the space around the house  : we can forget about the ceiling panels most of the time. The installation on the plot will always be more visible.
  • Installation cost  – j In the case of a sloping roof, it is a little cheaper in the case of a sloping roof, it does not require additional scaffolding, etc.

Solar panels on the ground – advantages

If our roof is hopeless in terms of possible mounting, then we have no choice but to decide on an installation on the plot. However, it has specific advantages.

  • Easy access  : for people who like to have everything under control.
  • Any setting possibility  – For people who like to feel like it can’t get any better.

There is also another aspect. If we have a slightly larger parcel of land and we think a lot of it goes to waste senselessly, be sure to use this snippet.

Basically this is what you should know to install solar panels on the roof or on the ground.

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