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The energy  is the  natural resource  that, through the application of  technology , can be exploited industrially. The term also refers to the ability to transform or put something into motion.

Photovoltaic solar energy has become one of the renewable, clean and environmentally friendly sources, but you know what solar photovoltaic energy is?

Continue reading and we tell you in a simple and synthetic way

What is photovoltaic energy?

It is known as  photovoltaic energy , then, to the type of  electricity ( electrical energy) that is obtained directly from the sun’s rays   thanks to the quantum photo-detection of a device.

Photovoltaic energy can produce electricity for distribution networks, supply isolated homes and feed all kinds of appliances.


Photovoltaic energy is the  direct transformation of solar radiation into electricity . This transformation occurs in devices called  solar photovoltaic panels .

In photovoltaic panels, solar radiation excites the electrons of a semiconductor device generating a small potential difference. The series connection of these devices allows to obtain greater potential differences.

Although the photovoltaic effect was known since the nineteenth century, it was in the  50s, in full space race , when the photovoltaic panels began to experience an important development. Initially used to supply electricity to geostationary communications satellites, they are now a  renewable generation technology .

One of the main virtues of photovoltaic technology is its  modular aspect , being able to build from huge photovoltaic plants in soil to small panels for roofs.

These devices are called  photovoltaic cells  when they have a semiconducting metal sheet, or  thin film  if they have metals located on a substrate. Photovoltaic cells can be divided into  monocrystalline (with a single crystal of silicon),  polycrystalline  (composed of multiple crystallized particles) or  amorphous  (if the silicon has not crystallized).

The union of several of these  cells  is known as a  photovoltaic module . These modules provide continuous electrical current that can be transformed into alternating current through a device called an inverter. Thus, the electric current produced by the photovoltaic modules can be injected into the electrical network.

The main manufacturer of photovoltaic panels in the world is  Japan , followed by  Germany . It is important to note that the growth of photovoltaic installations is limited by the lack of raw material (quality silicon) in the  market , although the situation tends to be reversed.

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