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Each time, more users are wondering, nowadays, what are the  real advantages and disadvantages of solar energy . It is said to be the solution of the future,  but is it really the best option?


A growing number of the world’s population have already installed solar panels in their homes . If you are determined to do it, but you still have doubts, this article could help you decide, because we tell you the  true benefits of betting on solar energy  without lies and without traps and the inconveniences and difficulties that you will encounter along the way. Although we already anticipate you, which of course are more benefits than adversity.


  • As it comes from a renewable energy source, its resources are unlimited.
  • Its production does not produce any emission, that is to say, it is an energy very respectful with the environment.
  • The operating costs are very low.
  • Maintenance is simple and inexpensive.
  • The modules have a lifespan of up to 20 years.
  • Not only can it be integrated into the structures of new constructions, but also into existing ones.
  • Modules of all sizes can be made.
  • The transport of all the material is practical (this refers to the fact that unlike for example wind energy, where the transport of the material is complex due to size, the material used in photovoltaic energy is easier to transport ).
  • The cost decreases as technology advances.
  • It is a system of energy use suitable for areas where electricity does not reach.
  • The photovoltaic panels are clean and silent, so they can be installed almost anywhere without causing any discomfort.


  •  Great initial investment : The costs of the initial investment are high, although over time they are amortizing, a large amount of money is needed to face the first stage of investment, perhaps for a small household with little demand the cost is lower but in the same way it represents a high value.
  • Great territory for panel placement : Like  wind energy , if we want to implement a system for large consumption, at the level of a small city for example, we need a large area of ​​land for the placement of solar panels, this It can be a problem if you do not have that space.
  •  Instability of solar radiation : Depending on the area, the time of year and the climate the amount of radiation can only vary, thus making the amount of solar energy that we can store unstable, this can be a problem if we do not have enough storage capacity (batteries) to cover the season of low solar radiation

Conclusions and reflections:

It is important to bet on solar energy and all its advantages, especially regarding the environment. Like everything, it contaminates, but as little as possible. It has many more advantages than disadvantages. It is the best option, but as an investment, in the long term, it will be when you notice the real benefits since at the beginning, everything is expenses and more expenses.

It is the energy of the present and the future, solar energy. The installation is also simple, it will not be a real headache. In this article we have also collected a lot of information so that you do not doubt whether to choose solar energy or keep waiting. It may not be the best time given your situation, but sooner or later, you might be buying an apartment with solar panels on the windows.

Like everything, there are always advantages and disadvantages. You will simply have to shuffle if the solar energy adapts to what you need now or later. Remember, it is  a long-term energy . It will never be a bad decision to bet on solar energy. We recommend it



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