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Photovoltaic Sunflower to Self-Supply the Consumption of a Home

this novelty solar panelis inspired by the movement of sunflowers and follows the path of the sun through an astronomical control system that allows its panels to always be placed at an angle of 90º with respect to the sun.

Photovoltaic Sunflower to Self-Supply the Consumption of a Home

It allows to generate up to 6,000 kWh of Energy per year, well above the average annual household consumption of 4,000 kWh. All this is part of the Renewable energy.

It is made up of 18m2 of mobile solar panels and its simple design, efficient and compact, it configures the panels in the shape of petals, made of a glass that provides a long useful life and good resistance to inclement weather.


In addition, its monocrystalline panels and its circuit of smart connection that covers all the surfaces of the solar panels and modules, allow you to capture the maximum solar energy thanks to the fact that it includes technology for smart features.

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Smart Features

– Smart use: ‘all-in-one’ system that is screwed to the floor or directly to the ground.

– Smart-tracking: Thanks to the tracking carried out by its two axes, the solar panels are always positioned at the optimal angle with respect to the sun. The result is 40% higher performance than conventional photovoltaic installations that are installed on the roof.

– Smart cleaning: every time it unfolds and folds, smartflower POP™ It cleans itself automatically, removing dust from the plates, which would reduce electricity production.

– Smart cooling: Smartflower POPTM modules have excellent back ventilation, so their cooling is 10-20ºC higher than traditional rooftop installations.

Thanks to this cooling, its performance increases between 5% and 10% compared to other installations.

– Smart safety: During operation, sensors permanently monitor the wind speed. From 54 km/h, smartflower POPTM retracts automatically to avoid possible damage.

As soon as the wind subsides, the installation redeploys, also automatically.

– Smart mobility: smartflower POPTM is portable so in case of moving, it is possible to move the system, without complications.

– Smart options: the smartflower POPTM unit is customized in eight colours, from cheerful ‘Berry’ to ‘Pearl’, to suit each customer’s taste.

In short, a new way of energy saving using photovoltaic solar energy.

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