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Shadow optimizer: what is it

Shade is one of the most important aspects that we must assess if we have to install solar panels. Undoubtedly, it has negative effects and harms their performance. Therefore, to avoid these shadows, it is necessary to have a good solar panel optimizer.

Shadow optimizer: what is it

Experts in the field know that it is necessary to move away from the shade to guarantee a good operation. But, this is something that cannot always be avoided, since it will depend on the geographical location of a house or building. In this case, you have to look for an alternative that prevents production from drastically decreasing.

Shade affects solar panels

As we well know, the goal of a photovoltaic installation is to obtain electricity from sunlight. The production of this renewable energy guarantees a series of benefits such as savings on the electricity bill and the preservation of the environment.

Therefore, the shade of a tree, a sign, a wall or any object that stands between the sun and the photovoltaic cells reduces the generation of this energy source. Previously, a study must be carried out by professionals in the sector to prevent this type of shading from influencing the efficiency of the system.

A shadow, no matter how small, affects the photovoltaic system and decreases energy production. According to calculations estimated by experts in solar energy, it can reduce it by more than 75%. This means that the impact is serious and the energy losses are really considerable.

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Shadow Optimizer

Shadow effects on solar panels

Doing a study on the different shadows is highly recommended, because depending on their position, they affect the energy network more or less. as there are shadows in vertically horizontal It is essential to carry out the design of the installation to avoid this type of obstacle and guarantee a quality system that provides the necessary amount of energy.

The existence of shadows automatically activates the operation of the diodes in the junction box. This generates a series of steps in the IV curve of the component. What effects does this action have? The production of energy decreases drastically, even if the shade is partial.

When the cells are hit by a shadow, the opposite action occurs. They stop generating electricity to consume it. Therefore, we must prevent this from happening and to achieve this, we must conduct the current through a different path if we do not want the cell to be damaged.

In summary lines, the shadow affects the total output of your panel, as well as the rest of the plates connected in series. A single plate interferes with the total result, so it is advisable to install a shadow optimizer. It is an excellent resource that serves to guarantee maximum daily solar production.

Can sun shadows be avoided?

Obviously, this type of problem can be solved in order to optimize an installation to the maximum. But, to achieve this, two aspects must be taken into account: the calculation of the shade and the inclination of the solar panels.

  • It is necessary to make a shadow calculation, especially if the installation is of considerable dimensions. The data provided by this study serve to place the panels at an adequate distance and avoid these possible shadows.
  • You also have to know the inclination of solar panels based on geographic location. In our country, the ideal inclination is between 20°C and 40°C according to latitude. The angle of inclination is much smaller if the distance from the equator decreases.

Shadow Optimizers

To avoid possible losses from the solar panels, you must use a shadow optimizer. It is an option that helps reduce obstacles and maximize the efficiency of the modules. Therefore, investing in a power optimizer is highly recommended to reduce these losses.

Advantages of using a power optimizer

The shadow optimizers They are characterized by guaranteeing greater energy efficiency to avoid partial shades that compromise production. Its use offers a large number of advantages and benefits.

  • Easy installation. Power optimizers are installed in the same way as a solar panel. The usual thing is to do it one by one, although there are systems that allow more than one panel per optimizer.
  • Adaptable to solar panels. The panels have different characteristics and qualities. One of the main advantages of these optimizers is the option to adapt to the different alternatives.
  • Greater efficiency. Its installation guarantees more energy and efficiency, regardless of weather conditions or angles or orientations.
  • Minimize the effect «mismatch«. There are covers with variations of inclination and orientation, the connection of all the panels in series allows maximum performance.

Only, it must be taken into account that this extra element supposes a higher cost in the installation, especially from six panels. Also, maintenance requires more effort and is also somewhat more expensive.

The TIGO TS4-AO solar panel optimizer

The new TIGO TS4-A-0 is a solar panel optimizer that we recommend, because it provides maximum performance despite the different orientations or shades of the photovoltaic modules.

With this optimizer, the voltage of the shaded module is reduced to a minimum, but the current that is generated is maximum. It is an ideal device to increase energy performance in a controlled manner and reduce the costs of the new installation.

It is only necessary to install a TIGO in each of the panels that are going to receive shade, it does not have to be installed in those that do not receive shade. The installation is done on the back of the solar panel (normally it is done before the panel is installed), when carrying the TIGO, 4 MC4 connectors, two come from the panel and the other two are new MC4 from the panel. It is placed without any tools, as it comes with a steel clip clip that is fastened to the frame of the solar panel and remains on the inside of the solar panel without protruding from the module.

In short, installing a shadow optimizer it is really useful to help a photovoltaic system generate higher yields. It is an alternative that offers many benefits if we cannot avoid shading.


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