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Simulations with Cade Simu

Simulations with Cade Simu. se utiliza este sofware para simular circuitos electricos. If you are about to carry out an electrical installation in your home or if your profession as an electrician or student requires you to make electrical circuits, let me tell you that there is a Cade Simu software that can help you with this task efficiently and can prevent you from making mistakes that can cause headaches

Simulations with Cade Simu

In this article we will talk about Simulations with Cade Simu , what it is and what it is for? We will also analyze how this program can help you in your tasks, whether as a student or professional.

What is a simulation?

Discrete event simulation is a powerful technique for optimizing processes and making confident, evidence-based decisions.

Find out why organizations around the world use simulation software to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

A simulation is an animated model that mimics the operation of an existing or proposed system, such as the daily operation of a bank, the operation of an assembly line, or the assignment of personnel in a hospital or call center.

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What is CADe SIMU?

CADe SIMU is a simulation software that allows you to add the symbols organized in libraries and make an electrical diagram in a simple and fast way so that you can then carry out the simulation. It is a free software, you can download cade simu  and use it without problems

What are the advantages of simulation with CADe SIMU?

One of the advantages of simulation with CADe SIMU is that it hardly takes up resources and is very easy to use. The software, when in simulation mode, displays the status of each electrical component when it is activated and also highlights the electrical conductors when they are subjected to the passage of an electrical current.

What can I do with CADe SIMU software?

It is a program where almost any common circuit with contactors can be simulated, this simulation aims to visualize if errors have been made, the faults that occur and how to solve them.

What are the system requirements?

The software license is Free

System requirement: This software is very light and has no minimum requirements. It does not need to be installed.

What should I keep in mind before using this simulator?

This software does not have an installer, it is a file in Zip format that we must unzip in any folder and double click on run until it works.

How this program simulates the operation of the circuits it will be necessary to power and make the connections correctly for the simulation to work correctly

What Simulations can you perform?

Below is a list of the simulations that you can perform with this program and in this way avoid possible errors that can cost you dearly to commit

1) Power supplies from both ca. as of cc

2)Fuses and disconnectors.

3) Circuit breakers, thermal relays, electrical and automatic differential switches.

4) Contactors and power switches.

5)Electric motors

6) Variable speed drives for AC and DC motors. – Auxiliary contacts and timer contacts

7)Contacts with drive, pushbuttons, mushroom heads, switches, limit switches and thermal relay contacts

8)Coils, timers, optical and acoustic signals.

9)Proximity detectors and photoelectric barriers.

10) Connection of unipolar and tripolar cables, hoses and connection strips.

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