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Solar garage: prices, applications and benefits

It is well known that an optimally selected photovoltaic installation will be a great solution for   efficient energy acquisition, and at the same time ecological and very economical  . This occurs, among others, with a view to providing supplies for domestic needs. 

Solar garage: prices, applications and benefits

Photovoltaic energy can also act as a home charging station for an electric or hybrid car. mean  to the  world of  the   garages  . What is worth knowing about it? What are the advantages of installing it? We present the answers to the most frequently asked questions in our article.

Sun shelter: what is it?

A freestanding photovoltaic carport is interchangeably known as a solar carport, a carport, or a carport. It is an innovative solution that is usually equipped with a classic vehicle charging station. One of the most important advantages associated with your installation is the ability to become independent from ever-increasing electricity operating costs. In addition, a solar carport will also allow effective protection of the vehicle against the harmful effects of rain or snow. It will undoubtedly also be a  recommended solution for hot days  , which will successfully protect the vehicle body against UV radiation.

The installation of a photovoltaic roof allows not only to provide the car with comfortable parking conditions, but also allows the use of other equally advantageous opportunities. Therefore, it is worth knowing  what solar sheds really are  . 

These are nothing more than special roof systems made from a specialized type of  double-glazed bifacial  solar panels  , which, thanks to a double layer of glass,  obtain energy from both sides of the module  . These cells differ from standard photovoltaic modules in a much higher resistance to chemical agents. 

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Here we are talking about, among others or   salt spray  , which is a common cause of corrosion. In addition, professionally made photovoltaic canopies have greater resistance to static charges. Its undoubted advantages also include the fact that the service  life  guaranteed by  the  manufacturer  of  the premium modules is 30 years. The advantage of this type of solution is also its exceptional stability. Modern solar sheds are structures anchored to a concrete base prepared by our installers. Using this option allows for hassle-free installation and ensures long-term durability.

Photovoltaic parking: many benefits

A solar roof made of the highest quality photovoltaic cells, for example   ZNShine Solar  , allows you to use numerous functionalities of such a solution. The design protects the vehicle from the rain, and the modules draw energy and let the sun’s rays pass through simultaneously, thanks to which the space under the shelter is illuminated during the day. The perfect solution for a garage is the double-sided photovoltaic panels mentioned above. Its use is especially recommended due to the   enormous efficiency  , which on average is about 20% higher than ordinary modules. These modules work on the principle of absorbing reflected light.

In addition, it should be noted that the self-supporting garage also provides great independence due to the possibility of any location of the place of its assembly. In addition, if necessary, this type of installation can be expanded without problems. Then there will be a convenient place for a roof for another car.

The garage can also be used as a  charging station for electric vehicles  . Many models have built-in charging stations for cars, which turns out to be a real success for users of this type of transport. The possibility of charging an electric or hybrid vehicle is a very environmentally friendly option. 

Furthermore, the combination of solar cell technology and electric vehicle technology means that no pollutants or harmful substances will be released into the atmosphere. In addition, the excess electricity produced by the photovoltaic installation will not be lost. This can be successfully sold to the power grid. Worth it? Yes, of course!

Carport for carport: where is it worth installing?


Photovoltaic roofs are investments that need to be installed in many places. Spaces used as parking spaces will certainly be recommended   , for example in the driveway in front of the house. Therefore, solar sheds will work well in home, business and hotel parking lots. They will also be used successfully as a cubing element for a gas station or large shopping mall area.

Carport adjacent to the building: when will it work?

The garage installed as a structure adjacent to the building will work in several cases. What type? It will be recommended mainly to those users who do not plan to significantly expand the ceiling, but not only. It will prove to be an equally excellent solution when, already at the design stage of the dream property, investors want to significantly reduce their construction costs. In addition, it will also be recommended to those who have a plan to install a shelter in a specific place and do not plan to change its location in the future.

Is the garage profitable?

When discussing the profitability of a sunroof, it should be noted that investors can take advantage of several deductions. 

  • Although the prices of the shelter differ, the VAT tax was 8%. 
  • However, it is worth knowing that investment costs incurred as of January 2019 can be significantly reduced by taking advantage of the tax relief. It can amount to PLN 53,000 and you can use it for a period of no more than 6 years.
  • The purchase of a photovoltaic installation of up to 10 kWp for an individual customer, totally or partially mounted on the structure of the garage, was eligible for a subsidy from the “My Electricity” program, the new contracting of which will begin on July 1.
  • At the same time, it should also be emphasized that the investment in the installation of a solar shed will pay off quickly. Entrepreneurs or business owners will be able to successfully include the costs of their purchase and assembly in the depreciation costs.

In addition, modern solar garages combine two functionalities. It is about providing a comfortable parking space for one car or several vehicles, as well as a classic stationary photovoltaic installation. The profitability of a garage  is in this case an issue that should not raise doubts.

How much does a sun shelter cost?

What are the prices of solar shelters? These can vary and the   total investment cost is highly dependent on the number of solar panels installed on the roof of the shelter  . The most popular solar sheds consist of 9 or even 18 photovoltaic panels, allowing convenient parking under one or two vehicle modules. 

The cost of a photovoltaic installation with a canopy is usually higher than that of an installation with the same number of modules mounted, for example, on the roof, but it provides benefits that conventional installations cannot achieve. Installing the modules about 3 meters above the ground allows the double-glass bifacial modules to significantly increase the efficiency of the entire photovoltaic system. In addition, the carport protects the vehicle from the rain and is a great solution if all the modules do not fit on the roof. The structure of the port of N Energia has a manufacturer’s guarantee for a minimum of 10 years.

Photovoltaic shelter as required

Modern solar carports can be very different. Their size, the type of material from which they are made or the technology used will largely depend on the individual expectations of the customer. Nothing stands in the way of having a roof for the purpose of even more than one car. Investors should consider modular sheds with a hipped roof or structures with a Y-frame.

In a word of summary

Photovoltaic garage shelters are a great investment idea, especially for those who own hybrid or electric vehicles. Such investors should pay particular attention to the fact that a vehicle charging station is an item of shelter equipment. 

It is worth noting that the costs incurred for the purchase and installation of a solar shed pay off due to depreciation, and users can become permanently independent from traditional, increasingly expensive energy providers.

In addition, the photovoltaic roof will also function as a  separate photovoltaic installation  . Such a mini-power station will be an excellent investment, especially when the conditions on the roof of the building do not allow the installation of a standard photovoltaic installation. In addition, the application technology in modern photovoltaic shelters is easy to install and allows you to successfully reduce real estate construction costs. 

All these are enormous advantages and benefits that make the interest to invest in the purchase and installation of solar canopies constantly grow. Currently, it does not take much to take care of the natural environment and use the best technological solutions, fully tested and recommended. The photovoltaic roof is a technology worth knowing better!

Do you want to know more? Use the contact form below and we will answer all questions  .

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