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Solar heat pump air conditioner

In this article I will teach you about solar heat pump air conditioner. The heat pump, or also called aerothermal energy, is becoming a very important system for the air conditioning of homes. And they are an important base on which we have to lean to achieve the decarbonisation objectives. Also, when we combine it with solar installations, they become a very ecological combination.

Heat pump and solar energy: an excellent combination of air conditioning

solar energy installation provides an extra ecology, and also helps us save on our electricity bills . Since they provide part of the energy that our heat pump needs to give us air conditioning.

If this combination of “ecological leaders”, the heat pump with solar panels , is in itself very good and effective, when we combine it with underfloor heating for cooling or with fan coils, we get the perfect system for heating and cooling .

We must consider the combination of a heat pump with photovoltaic solar panels, the best engine that our air conditioning system can have . In this case, the installation of photovoltaic solar energy will generate electricity. With this electricity the heat pump will work, both in summer and in winter.

In addition, we get an extra advantage. When the heat pump does not have to work to feed the radiant floor or the fan coils, we can use the surplus electricity in the rest of the appliances or pour it into the network and be compensated for self-consumption .

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What services do you offer to homes?

The services that the combination of a heat pump with solar panels offers to homes is, in short, a certain energy independence. It cannot be said that it is complete as long as we are connected to the electrical network. But in cases of need, you can become totally independent .

With the combination of aerothermal energy and photovoltaic solar energy, we help the heat pump not consume electricity from the network . And we help save on this concept. Providing electricity so as not to consume it from the network. As users, we also benefit from a system that gives us cooling.

If we want to combine the heat pump with photovoltaic solar panels, and also underfloor heating and/or fan coils, the installation offers us the possibility of taking advantage of the sun and saving on traditional fuels .

The heat pump with the photovoltaic solar panels are combined, but the two systems do not collaborate in the same way. But the photovoltaic solar panels provide the “fuel” to the heat pump . We are talking about the electricity that the heat pump needs to work.

In this way we gain in efficiency with respect to solar thermal energy, since the photovoltaic solar panels will be able to work at full capacity both in winter and in summer . And the electricity that the heat pump does not consume can be used in other household appliances. Or even, if we are self-consumers with compensation, pour it into the network so that part of what is consumed is returned to us.

What are the benefits of a solar installation with a heat pump?



easy maintenance ✓ Maintenance of solar panels is cheap and simple
✓ Solar panels will last more than 30 years just by cleaning the surface, checking the electrical connections and batteries
Amortization ✓ The differential cost of installing thermal solar panels is amortized in the medium term (5 – 8 years), and the heat pump is amortized thereafter
Reduce carbon footprint ✓ By using solar energy instead of fossil coal, the amount of carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere is reduced
free energy ✓ The contribution of solar energy to our heating is 100% free
✓ Initially we must amortize the installation carried out, but once the cost of the installation has been paid with the savings, solar energy is completely free
Renewable energy ✓ Solar energy is 100% ecological and does not emit greenhouse gases or any type of pollutant
inexhaustible energy ✓ Solar energy has illuminated our planet for millions of years, and will continue to do so for millions of years
grants ✓ Depending on where you live, you can get different aid, subsidies or incentives from the different public administrations
global availability ✓ It can be used anywhere depending on the solar incidence, reaching remote places and isolated homes where other fuels such as gas, diesel or even electricity are difficult to reach
Reduce your energy dependency ✓ An installation of solar thermal panels takes advantage of solar thermal energy to generate heat, helping the heat pump and thus reducing heating bills by up to 70%.
home value ✓ Add value to your home by making it a little more self-sufficient
Gas and electricity price ✓ Reduces dependence on constant variations (mainly increases) in the price of gas and electricity

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