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Solar panel is made up of

In this article we will talk about Solar panel is made up of .

Solar panel is made up of

photovoltaic panel  is made up of a set of  solar cells (photovoltaic cells)  that are electrically connected to each other in series and parallel, until the appropriate voltage for use is achieved. Photovoltaic modules admit both direct and diffuse radiation, being able to generate electricity even on cloudy days.

Photovoltaic cells are devices made of light-sensitive metals that release electrons when photons hit them, converting light energy into electrical energy . A combination of several cells forms a  photovoltaic panel or module .

Depending on the arrangement of the silicon atoms, there are different photovoltaic cells:

Solar panel is made up of: Crystalline photovoltaic cells

  • Polycrystalline : when they are made up of small crystallized particles.
  • Monocrystalline : they are made up of sections of a single silicon crystal (recognizable by their circular or octagonal shape, where the 4 short sides, if observed, can be seen to be curved, due to the fact that it is a cut-out circular cell).

Amorphous photovoltaic cells

  • When the silicon has not crystallized.

There are a series of elements that surround the solar cells, and whose purpose is to protect them from external agents while providing them with the necessary rigidity so that they can be attached to the structures that support them. These elements are the following:

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  • Encapsulant:  made up of material with good radiation transmission and low degradability to the action of sunlight.
  • External cover of tempered glass:  facilitates light transmission and has the capacity to resist the most adverse weather conditions and withstands sudden changes in temperature.
  • Rear cover:  normally made up of several opaque layers that reflect the light that has passed between the interstices of the cells, causing them to hit them again.
  • Metal frame:  normally made of aluminium, it ensures rigidity and watertightness to the whole, and includes the necessary elements (generally perforations) for mounting the panel on the support structure.
  • Terminal box:  incorporates the terminals for connecting the module.
  • Protection diode:  they prevent damage due to partial shadows on the surface of the module.

Basically this is Solar panel is made up of.

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