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In the solar panel market there are different types of panels, we will analyze the solar panel measurements and capacity so that you have a clearer idea of ​​the power and measurements of the solar panels.

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Average dimensions of solar panels

If you plan to install solar panels, it is essential that you know how many solar panels will fit on your roof. To calculate this you need to know the dimensions of a solar panel. On average, solar panels are close to 165x100cmx4cm in size 

This equates to 1.65 square meters per solar panel. The average solar panel is rated at around 250 watts, which means that for a system with a peak wattage of 2,500, a total of 10 solar panels are required, which equates to about 16.5 square meters.

Dimensions of Schuco solar panels

Schuco solar panels are German made and are ideally smaller than the average size. They have a size of 1495X1001X42mm and a power of 210 Wp.

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In addition, they offer excellent value for money. Therefore we are proud to be able to use this solar panel in our range.

However, it is worth mentioning that schuco itself has stopped producing solar panels.

Therefore, solar panels can only be obtained from elsewhere. The warranty is still given by the manufacturer and is carefully observed. However, this is a unique type of solar panel.

In price, one of the cheapest, but compared to the new generations of solar panels, it is not always the best alternative.


Certainly, when it comes to a complex daytime situation, it may be that a different type of solar panel is more favorable to you in the long run. We are pleased to inform you of the best option for you.

Dimension Solarclarity solar panels

Solar power solar panels with a dimension of 1650X992X40MM have a perfect design. In addition to a perfect size, the panel is also finished down to the smallest detail.

This makes the panel look great on almost all types of roofs.


Dimensions of topsola solar panels.

We also offer Topsola brand solar panels. These panels have a size of 1650X992X40mm.

The panels have a peak wattage of 240 and currently have a very good warranty / price ratio. Although it must be said that our other solar panels have a very good guarantee agreement.

We only buy solar panels from reliable and large manufacturers.

Dimensions of Solarfrontier solar panels.

We also offer the latest generation of Solarfrontier brand thin film solar panels .

These thin film solar panels fall under the CIS solar panel type and are ideal for situations where there is less sunlight during the day. Thanks to the CIS technology, the panels can also deal extremely well with any shading that falls on the solar panels.

Also, Dunne Film’s solar panels are much smaller in size. With a size of 1257X977X35mm.

Determine the space available on the roof.

In general, you can fill the roof with solar panels that are firmly attached/placed together.

However, you will need to consider some variables that influence the available (effective) roof space. These are briefly discussed below.

First of all, there are many obstacles on the roofs, such as dormer windows, chimneys and heating pipes.

These objects not only take up space, but can also create shade. You must take this into account so that during the day no shadow falls on the solar panels. And if this is the case, you will have to adjust the solar panel system accordingly.

In addition to objects on the roof, trees or parts of other houses in the area can also cast a shadow on your roof.

This can also have a negative influence on your solar panel system and possibly require system adjustment.

When you put solar panels on a flat roof, they are placed in the landscape (horizontal position). You should note that the solar panels are not placed too close together.

This prevents the solar panels from shading each other and thus negatively affecting performance.

Finally, a half meter margin is usually maintained to each edge of the roof and the solar panel in place.

However, you are not required to maintain, but this is advisable. This makes the placement of the solar panels not only much easier but also safer.

sustainable solar panels 

Sustainable Solar Panels offers a diverse number of qualitative solar panels.

This takes into account the dimensions of your roof to achieve the best return. We would like to contact you to see which type of solar panel is the most suitable for your wishes and needs.

On this basis, we offer you a number of competitive offers free of charge and without obligation.

Determine the suitable surface

When determining the location of the solar panels, consider the suitability of the site. In this way, you have to determine a place where no shadows can occur on the solar panels.

Also, it is important to place the panels as close as possible to the designated spot in front of the inverter.

thin film

A general exception is thin-film solar panels. These panels do not have a fixed size and are flexible.

Although these solar panels are considerably more expensive than traditional solar panels, they can still produce more efficiency under certain circumstances.

There are also other interesting developments in the solar panel market, but it is not yet available in the market.


As there are many different solar panels on the market, it is useful to divide the dimensions of solar panels into three categories.

Category 1 is for the standard size of solar panels: with a size of approximately 1650x990mm, a capacity of between 245 and 285 WP is generally generated.

Category 2 refers to the large size of solar panels: here the size is 1960x990mm and the capacity of solar panels is more than 300WP.

The highest price charged for these solar panels is generally much higher than category 1.

CIS Category 3 Solar Panels: Thin-film solar panels are much smaller in size than the previous two categories.

The most famous CIS solar panel at the moment is that of Solar Frontier. With a size of 1257X977mm, this solar panel is very suitable if you have a limited installation area.

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