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Transparent solar panels: are we facing a new revolution?

These transparent solar panels convert solar energy into electricity, they are not being created to replace photovoltaic panels, it is simply a new technology that can be the solution to the environmental problem.

What are transparent solar panels?

They are devices capable of transforming solar energy into electricity, made on a diaphanous base, they are also called photovoltaic glass, covered with a photosensitive glass film made with hydrogen, carbon, oxygen and nitrogen materials, generating photovoltaic cells. They depend on the amount of sunlight available, they also separate and filter solar radiation, filtering 99% ultraviolet radiation and with 95% effectiveness.

warning-icon is a transparent panel, designed as a complement to solar energy, improving solar panels in terms of their energy efficiency.

Transparent Solar Panel Applications

Photovoltaic glasses have a low efficiency reaching 1%, considering the researchers have enough margin to improve this efficiency. Photovoltaic glass can be incorporated into another type of transparent material, some of its applications are:

window panels

These transparent panels must be placed on the window and it works as follows; They capture the sun’s rays, absorbing the energy through conductors that are connected to the window frame, extracting the energy. The extracted energy is stored in a photovoltaic battery, allowing electricity to be generated with solar radiation, as well as thermally insulating the building, improving efficiency.

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Transparent panels for vehicles

The photovoltaic windows for vehicles so far are not intended to be the main energy source but would use it as complementary energy, although it could be thought that the transparent photovoltaic cells placed in the windows of the vehicles could store the energy in the battery.

How to install transparent solar panels?

Transparent solar panels are under development, so the installation is not known exactly, according to research their installation is similar to conventional ones, both for the supports and the manufacturing materials that must be resistant, avoiding damage before blows or situations changes. adverse environmental. These transparent solar panels are innovative both in their application and in their development, their most outstanding characteristics are:

  • Its transparency makes this technology its main claim, despite the fact that its process is complex, it gives us a vision of how they are going to make alternative energy in the future.
  • Resistance, solar panels are generally placed outdoors in outdoor spaces, so their material has to be resistant, as the first prototypes will be able to verify, they are made of material similar to plastic, making it resistant and durable, as well as concentrating solar energy with na service life of approximately 25 years.
  • Energy efficiency transparent solar panels have transformed the energy of the sun’s rays into electrical energy.
  • Environmental impact: The impact on the environment is very low, as well as the visual impact as it is photovoltaic glass.

Advantages of using transparent solar panels

Among the advantages of using transparent solar panels we have the following:

  • The transparency of solar panels give it a certain advantage.
  • As for their installation, they do not require large spaces or surfaces.

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