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Types of solar panels available in the market

Next we will analyze what are the types of solar panels available in the market taking into account the technology used to manufacture them

Types of solar panels available in the market

There are several types of solar panels on the market and the popularity of solar photovoltaic installations is constantly growing. Inverters can choose between different types of modules, but also between different inverters. Thanks to the varied offer, it is possible to create an installation ideally adapted to the needs of the owners of a certain home.

The solar installation includes not only specialized modules that can be mounted on ceilings or ground, but also an inverter, called an inverter, and numerous safety elements. Here we must know that different types of solar panels may have a different efficiency or even a different application. At the same time, we will be able to choose between several types of investors, that is, investors. Its task is to convert the direct current generated in the solar modules into alternating current. In addition, each installation must be equipped with protection against overvoltages and electric shocks.

The market for photovoltaic installations is developing extremely quickly and efficiently. We can find many interesting solutions in our offer. However, the most popular at the moment, and at the same time that they work perfectly, are three types of solar panels: monocrystalline, polycrystalline and amorphous silicon panels. The differences between them are quite significant. They mainly refer to properties, efficiency, production method and price.

Monocrystalline modules

Considered the best by many. Its efficiency is estimated between 17% and 22%. Silicon monocrystals are used in the production of these modules. Monocrystalline panels are black in color and shaped like thin polygonal tiles. Its advantages include  excellent resistance to weather conditions, high durability and high efficiency. They will be perfect in situations where we have a limited area and a lot of sunlight. At the same time, it should be noted that this type of solar module is the most expensive.

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Types of solar panels available in the market

Polycrystalline modules

Unlike the previous type of modules, polycrystalline panels are made from a combination of multiple silicon crystals. We can recognize them by the blue color and the evenly distributed square tiles placed on the surface of the entire cell. The efficiency of these panels is slightly lower, estimated between 14% and 16%.

 This means that to achieve the same efficiency as monocrystalline panels, we will need a slightly higher number of polycrystalline modules. At the same time, we also need to provide a larger area in which we plan to install the panels. The advantage of polycrystalline cells is that they are perfect even in weaker sunlight. Also for this reason, they are the   most widely used solar panels . In our country. 

We must remember that in Poland we tend to have cloudy skies, as well as an uneven amount of sun during the day. In such conditions, polycrystalline panels perform much better than monocrystalline ones. Furthermore, under such conditions, their efficiency is often higher than that of monocrystalline cells under the same conditions. Let’s not forget the slightly lower price and the excellent lifespan of these cells.

Amorphous silicon modules

This type of installation is extremely rare. A characteristic of these cells is their low efficiency and the fact that it decreases significantly over time. At the same time, these panels are by far the cheapest. In addition, they are light, flexible and not very sensitive to high temperatures. In addition, we can even install them on the facade of the building. The assembly is very simple.

What Types of Solar Panels Should You Choose for a Single Family Home?

We must remember that each home has its own electrical requirement. It can be the result of the size of the house, the type of devices we have at home, how often we use them, and even the number of people living in the house.

 So if we decide to have our own photovoltaic installation, we must consider all the advantages and disadvantages of the above types of solar cells. Certainly the price will be crucial. However, in addition to the price, it is worth taking into account the available space, the energy demand of the property and the manufacturer’s warranty conditions.

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